The defense Ministry is doing in Crimea recovery of abandoned military sites established during the Soviet period, as well as new builds. We are talking about naval bases, radar stations and airfields. Reuters correspondent found out more about the activities of the Russian military on the Peninsula.

Located on the southern coast of the Crimea bunkers, which were built in the USSR under the code name “Object 100″, are now being used as a base with anti-ship missile system. More recently, tourists on the Peninsula could for $ 50 to visit the so-called “Weave.” After the annexation of Crimea to Russia in 2014, around the bunkers were signs forbidding entrance to the “forbidden zone, the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation”.

A resident of a nearby village told the Reuters reporter who visited the Peninsula in July that Russian soldiers once again took the object and blocked the road leading to it. “It is an active military base with anti-ship missile system”, – said the interlocutor of the edition. A local resident said that he had been hired to work on the basis of last year. This interviewee did not say when exactly the Russian military arrived at the object.

According to Reuters, the bunkers at Balaklava is only a small part of the new Russian program of militarization of the Crimea. Based on the analysis of the state of other objects, local residents, media reports and official statements of the Russian Federation, the Agency concluded that Moscow revives in the Crimea a few built in the Soviet era objects in the region is building new military bases and places where soldiers.

Reuters correspondent per week of stay in the Crimea was attended by 18 military facilities, including naval bases, radar stations and airfields. Some of them were brand new, some are old and have been repaired, others were in the process of repair. Moscow doesn’t hide the buildup of its forces in Crimea – Reuters correspondent only shed light on its scope.

As expected, in the framework of the militarization of Russia will try to recreate the chain of radar stations on the ridges of the Crimean mountains. This will provide the Russian side, a perfect view for observing the Black sea and adjacent NATO countries – Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania, the Agency said.

One of these stations is located near Feodosia. The facility was built in the Soviet Union, and later abandoned by the Ukrainian military. A resident of a local village located about 300 meters from the station, said: “there is a military base, the air defense system and missiles. Air defense systems are located in each of the Cape”.

Another radar called “Dnipro” is located on the outskirts of Sevastopol. This facility was also built in Soviet times and has long remained neglected. A Reuters reporter saw dozens of soldiers in Russian military uniform inside the base and along its perimeter. The guard told reporters that nearby lighthouse that had attracted tourists, has now become a part of a military base and closed to public access.

In addition, according to the purchasing documents in one of the bays on the outskirts of Sevastopol, the Russian military will build a training centre for divers of the Navy. There’s also equip the pier and re-commissioning of the runway that has not been used for 20 years. Reuters correspondent visited the place and saw that construction work is already underway.

The former civil airport Belbek was transformed into a military air base. According to the correspondent, the terminal building is closed, and the entrance is guarded by Russian Marines. At the airport parked heavy military transport aircraft Il-76 with the insignia of the Russian air force. Also, the reporter saw Russian soldiers and military aircraft at the airport in Sochi and Dzhankoi.

In addition, Russia will establish two military camps on the basis of Ukrainian abandoned objects in the small village of perevalne near Simferopol. The site of public procurement reports that one of them will be earmarked for the coast guard, and the other for the artillery regiment. Reuters correspondent also visited these objects, seeing in a fenced area of one hangar with a length of 500 meters. Next, the journalist saw the construction site, which should become in the future the second military town.

According to the documents of the defense Ministry, the joint facilities will include dormitories for more than a thousand soldiers, the residential building more than 300 apartments, an ammunition dump, hangars for more than 500 military vehicles, artillery range and dining rooms. Also, the plan includes a new school, a kindergarten with a swimming pool and barracks for a military band.

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation and the government of Crimea, Reuters gave comments about military facilities on the Peninsula.

Reuters revealed the extent of the Russian militarization of Crimea 01.11.2016

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