Russia is in violation of European sanctions supplies to Syria fuel through the territorial waters of the European Union. This, in particular, it is necessary to continue airstrikes HQs of the Russian Federation and the Syrian military on the terrorists and the armed opposition, told Reuters informed source.

The interlocutor of journalists, representing the intelligence of one of the countries of the EU, said that at least two ships under the Russian flag makes deliveries through the waters of Cyprus and Greece. He noted that the supply has increased dramatically in October: in one to two weeks, the tankers were taken to Syria, 20 thousand tons of aviation fuel, worth approximately $ 9 million.

“Fuel supplies have played a vital role in the maintenance of Russian airstrikes in the region. It indicates the capacity of Russia’s resources necessary to sustain military operations and ambitions in Syria,” – said the source Agency.

Another informant of journalists added that the Russian ships docked in Greek and Cypriot ports, before delivering fuel to Syria. In addition, according to one of the advisers of the intelligence in the Mediterranean, one of the EU countries, the Agency emphasizes that the fuel was destined for the Russian and the Syrian military.

In the Greek government reporters refused to comment. Cyprus, in turn, said that through the local ports were not Russian ships, who allegedly was transporting fuel to Syria. “We welcome any information that will prove the existence of violations of the restrictive measures of the EU or the UN,” – said in Nicosia.

Two years ago, the Council banned any shipments of jet fuel to Syria through the territory of the EU or out of it. This prohibition applies to fuel produced outside the European Union.

Last week in a press there were photos of the large landing ship of the Baltic fleet “Alexander Shabalin”, which is sent with cargo to Syria. The ship has proceeded through the black sea Straits to the Mediterranean sea and headed to the Syrian port of Tartus, where the point of logistics Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea.

3 Nov latest the black sea fleet frigate “Admiral Grigorovich”, armed with missiles “Caliber”, came from Sevastopol and headed to the Mediterranean sea. According to unofficial data, the ship will join the group of Russian warships off the coast of Syria.

“Rossiyskaya Gazeta” wrote on October 28, from Sevastopol to the shores of Syria moved a patrol ship of the black sea fleet “Sharp-witted”. In the message of the Ministry of defense noted that the ship headed for the Greek port of Piraeus.

The Times newspaper on 31 October, citing intelligence reportedthat Russia is preparing full-scale military offensive on Aleppo, planning to use the political lull in the United States, which occurred at the time of the presidential election. The operation is being prepared in the interests of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and has to either stop any resistance, regardless of collateral damage, either to create such a terrible situation that the civilian population forced the rebels to leave, wrote the publication.

The newspaper noted that the only Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, October 15, began his campaign in the Mediterranean sea in the composition of naval strike group may be involved in the attack. According to the newspaper, the operation will begin in November and, according to Russian plans, should be completed by mid-January 2017.

Sources The Sunday Times on 30 October reported that the ship’s band of the Russian Federation led by “Admiral Kuznetsov” was joined by three Russian submarines, equipped with cruise missiles “Caliber”. According to the newspaper, the military chiefs of NATO fear that they can strike at targets in Syria.

In recent weeks, repeatedly sounded the assumption that Russia is preparing a massive operation to capture Aleppo with the participation of its naval group. In particular, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expressed concernthat the fleet can be used “as a platform for air strikes on Syria.”

Reuters: Russia to bypass the EU sanctions is supplying fuel to Syria 22.11.2016

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