The FBI and U.S. intelligence learn of fake documents aimed at discrediting campaign of former Secretary of state of the country, and nowadays the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton. About it reports Reuters with reference to anonymous sources familiar with the situation.

A study of the securities is part of a broader investigation related to suspicions of American officials that Russia is trying to disrupt the presidential elections in the United States. One of the documents is a letter addressed to Hillary Clinton by Senator Tom Karper of the Senate Committee of homeland security. It reads: “We will not allow you to lose these elections.” Sam Karper called the document a forgery, told reporters one of the sources. Press Secretary of the Senator declined to comment.

In addition to this letter, and others were referred to the FBI and the U.S. justice Department in recent weeks, the sources said. According to them, in the investigation of hacker attacks FBI investigators asked representatives of the Democratic party to provide copies of allegedly fake documents that have been circulating among emails and other authentic materials obtained through hacking.

In addition to the letter of the Karper, the FBI is studying the seven-page electronic document with logos of the company of the Democrat Joel Benenson Benenson Strategy Group, engaged in surveys, and family Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Foundation. This paper argues that the popularity ratings of former Secretary of state fell, and is given advice to take “a serious change in strategy in November.” Among the proposed variants of such changes are “staged civil unrest” and “radiological attack” with the use of “dirty bombs” to disrupt the vote. Campaign headquarters, Clinton called the document a fake.

A US Congressman has accused Hillary Clinton of treason

Meanwhile, the head of the Committee on internal security, house of representatives, U.S. Congress Michael McCall in the TV channel Fox News accused Clinton of treason.

Commenting on the scandal around Clinton after it became known that she was in when he was Secretary of state used personal email for official correspondence, he said that the head of the FBI, James Comey had previously informed him that hostile to the US countries may have access to personal server Clinton.

“She gave (information) to our enemies. Our opponents have this very important information. In my opinion, frankly, it’s treason,” said McCall.

The United States presidential election will be held on 8 November. In late October, two weeks before the vote, the head of the FBI, James Comey announced the resumption of the investigation concerning the official correspondence of former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Clinton herself has criticized the decision by FBI: “It’s really weird to say about something like that, giving so little information, before the elections”.

Reuters: the FBI is investigating the forged documents aimed at discrediting the election campaign of Hillary Clinton 04.11.2016

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