Investigators Omsk region has begun preliminary examination in connection with the appearance in the press of information about the torture of older people, involving staff members upravlyayuschaya Kompaniya bol’shekulachinskaya orphanage. And one of the wards of retired and disappeared.

“28 September 2016 in a program that came on one of Federal channels announced information about illegal actions of employees upravlyayuschaya Kompaniya bol’shekulachinskaya boarding home for the elderly ward. Investigative agencies of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Omsk region according to the facts organized a pre-investigation check”, – informs the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

Investigators intend to check carefully this information about the disappearance of the elderly wards of the orphanage Alexander Panov, unlawful detainment on the territory of the institution’s 72-year-old Galina Novikova, of systematic beatings and other illegal actions in relation to living in a boarding school citizens.”

In addition, the staff of the boarding school suspected of “obstructing reporters in carrying out their professional activities”. By results of check will be made a procedural decision.

We add that the test was started after the airing of the First channel TV presenter Alexander Gordon under the title “go To fight some old people” from the series “Male/Female”.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of labour and social development has denied the information about the abuse in the orphanage. Officials also noted that published on September 28, the program was recorded four months ago, reports IA Regnum.

“In may we had the need to implement the boarding house inspection. It was produced, including prosecutors, and revealed nothing. That is the fact none of the stated are not confirmed,” – said the representatives of the Ministry of labor.

In July 2016 at the orphanage has changed the Director. There also was repaired, said the officials.

According to the representative of the press service of the regional Ministry of labour, “now the program decided to show this because it began the new television season, and summer was low smotribelnoy”.

“The situation in Bolsheboldinsky the boarding house is absolutely quiet, no incidents there. Everything works in a regular mode”, – stressed in the Ministry.

According to reports, the Omsk press, this summer in Bolsheboldinsky the boarding house verification was conducted on the complaint of the employee dining room, which announced that customers of the orphanage live in “inhuman conditions”. In the petition, the woman said that in the toilets residential buildings broken almost all the toilets, and cesspools, where the waste is accumulated from the dining room of the orphanage and wastewater, long full. The result is a stinking puddle spread on the territory of the orphanage. Some of these facts were confirmed, part of the revealed violations have been eliminated, writes Ostregion”.

In Bolsheboldinsky the orphanage is home to about 185 people. Among them are former prisoners, who after the liberation of the colonies continue to be under administrative supervision, people without a certain residence, persons with disabilities 18 years or older.

RF IC checks the information about the beatings and the disappearance of a pensioner in a nursing home near Omsk 29.09.2016

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