The former head of holding “Gazprom-Media” and former Minister of press of Russia Mikhail Lesin was buried in Los Angeles. It is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to one of the close family of the deceased.

The body of Michael Lesina was found on November 5 at the Washington hotel. According to RIA “Novosti”, the death occurred due to heart attack. However, the official information about the cause of death yet. The U.S. side has kept silent about the circumstances of the incident.

Autopsy was performed on the same day, but unannounced, the results were cause for further investigation. According to U.S. media, the experts will take a maximum of three monthsto install, then died a former adviser to the President on media. The Department of investigation of murders in an official statement, asked all with any information on this case to contact the police.

Mikhail Lesin from 1999 to 2004 he held the post of Minister of press of the Russian Federation. On his initiative, in 2005 was created the state TV channel Russia Today. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who Lesin worked as an assistant on media, expressed condolences to his family and friends just hours after the official announcement of the death.

The reasons for the death of Lesina, was confined so much attention from the world media, are rooted not only in the investigation of the US justice Department against the American real estate major Russian official (office decided to check his income in connection with three houses in Los Angeles), but in the potential interest of the FBI the figure of Lesina, his connections and knowledge of the “cuisine” of the Russian government.

As wrote the French newspaper Le Figaro, Mikhail Lesin was under scrutiny by the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation because he was suspected of corruption and money laundering. However, with what purpose he came to Washington in a budget hotel, without documents, remains unclear.

Journalists from The Financial Times, in turn, noted that the Embassy of the Russian Federation promptly, without waiting for the examinations, stated that the former Minister of the press and the General Director “Gazprom-Media” has died of a heart attack, and this version adheres to the channel RT, the us Bureau which is headed by the daughter of the deceased.

Last fall, the U.S. justice Department started proceedings Lesina real estate in California, the presence of which may conflict with anti-corruption legislation. Appropriate request to the American Department sent Republican Senator from Mississippi Roger Wicker. The politician stressed that each family can have close business links with the USA included in the sanctions list of persons – in particular, billionaire Yury Kovalchuk and the Bank “Russia”. Wicker also estimated the estate of the former Minister of press of the Russian Federation in the U.S. 28 million dollars and noted that the former the former head “Gazprom-media” moved to America for his family.

After contacting the Senator, the FBI began to check. However, the death of Lesina is likely to mean the end of the trial. The FBI confirmed that they had received notice of the death of Lesina, and emphasized that it was not relevant to the investigation of his death, as the case involved the police.

Meanwhile, critics of the Russian government have expressed suspicions that Lesin did not die of a heart attack. Alfred Kokh, former Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and the General Director “Gazprom-Media”, have suggested that the Russian leadership feared that Lesin will tell you something the FBI in exchange for the termination of the investigation U.S. against him in connection with allegations of corruption.

RIA “Novosti”: Mikhail Lesin was buried in Los Angeles 13.11.2015

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