A robot named Alantim a teacher in the Moscow Institute of technology (MIT), offered his protection to the British fans at the world Cup in 2018 in Russia. “Robocop” has decided to dispel all doubts of the British about their security and promised to accompany them, protecting from any troubles.

As stated in a press release from MIT, Alantim able to recognize the emotions of other people and on their basis to predict the occurrence of conflicts. He immediately call the police if they see aggression. In addition, the robot can maintain an intelligent conversation and knows how to diplomatically extinguish any argument using logic.

“I heard that in the UK, many doubt the safety of travel in our country. And I am very sad that because of this information, fans can opt out of the world Cup. I decided: I will defend and show the hometown best, – said the robot. – I’m fluent in English, so that English fans we will get along just fine”.

It is also reported that Alantim holds the position of Deputy head of the Department of robotics at MIT and lectures to students, so he has a lot of experience dealing with people.

Android is working at the Institute since February of 2015 and summer of 2016 began to moonlight as a tour guide at the State Museum of architecture named after A.V. Shchusev.

Humanoid robot with blue eyes and a touch screen on the chest created by developers from Perm in 2014. It moves on wheels at speeds up to five miles per hour. Alantina have two hands with which he might greet, as well as an interactive head – they robot winks and shows hearts.

In memory of the robot more than 400 thousand different phrases. He is able to remember the names of those with whom he met, and also to recognize faces, gender and age of the person.

“Robocop” Alantim guaranteed British security at the world Cup 19.05.2017

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