In Omsk has finally got its own “role model”. The drunk man took to the streets to show people that for achievements in sports need to train hard. As one of the exercises, he started a fight with a street sign. But probably just mixed it with pear.

A curious incident occurred on 18 October in the centre of Omsk, on the Street “stop Rabinovich”. In social networks fighter dubbed “rocky Balboa”, remembering the workout hero Sylvester Stallone from the movie. Judging by the video, the man staggered and was, apparently, drunk.

Passers-by in bewilderment watching “Omsk rocky” had worked on the metal structure followed by the echoing sound of blows. He even tried to hit the post with his head but froze before the collision.

“Training” lasted for several minutes, none of the surrounding people did not dare to intervene in the process. One of the witnesses only filmed what happened on a video that was later posted on the web. How notes portal Om1, some commentators saw the fight features martial arts, remembering on the occasion of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. “Omsk kung fu”, “Bruce Lee is not the same” – ironically they.

It is worth mentioning that training rocky deliberately ridiculed French prankster Remi Gillard. In the video, posted in September 2007, is shown as he runs on a conveyor belt at the checkout of a shop that has ham, replacing him a pear, and holds the duel with hanging on the hook of the huge carcass in the meat Department.

“Rocky from Omsk” beat up road sign (VIDEO) 19.10.2016

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