The head of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman will go to elections of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region from the party “Yabloko”, instead of Parnassus. His candidacy in this capacity, approved June 21 at the meeting of the Federal Bureau of Yabloko, which had previously suspended the activities of the governing bodies of the Sverdlovsk branch of the party, and took over the function of the nomination of a candidate in the September elections in the region, reports

He Roizman, who was present at the meeting, said he asked for support in “Apple”, because “it is one of the most stable and the old democratic parties” and “on the floor to her head, you can expect”. He stressed that his electoral “win.”

However, Roizman recognized that in recent years, “the chances of passage of the filter diminished”. However, his nomination may draw attention to this issue and will raise the question of the abolition of the filter in the future, added the new Challenger for the gubernatorial post.

The informal leader of Yabloko Grigory Yavlinsky expressed support for Roizman. “Courage, political experience, political position, human quality – all this allows us to work Roizman, is given in the publication of his words. – He struggled with drugs, saved many people. The majority of people supported him in the election of the mayor (in 2013), and this alone, I believe, allows us to be attentive to his candidacy and support him.” Thus, according to Yavlinsky, on most issues Roizman position coincides with the position of “Apple”.

The nomination Roizman as a candidate to the governors of the Sverdlovsk “Apple” was supposed to be held on 17 June at the conference of the regional branch of the party, but this attempt turned into a scandal: the regional party branch refused to approve of the candidate, and its leader Yury Pereverzev has announced the resignation and withdrawal from the party. After that, Yavlinsky stated that Roizman will nominate Federal Council of the party in Moscow. He suggested that Pereverzev pressured the local administration.

Meanwhile, 18 Jun Sverdlovsk branch of PARNASSUS at the meeting unanimously voted for nomination of Roizman as a candidate for Governor of the Sverdlovsk region. At the same time a member of the party Maxim Vernikov explained that this safety net option: if you fall through the nomination of “Yabloko”, Roizman will go on Governor’s elections of Parnassus, and if everything goes smoothly – from the “Apple”, as they had intended earlier, and Parnassus will not be its candidate in these elections.

Elections of the head of Sverdlovsk region appointed on 10 September 2017. Participate in them can only candidates from political parties, self-nomination is not provided. For admission to the presidential race, candidates must overcome the so-called municipal filter, i.e., to collect signatures of deputies of representative bodies and heads of municipalities elected at direct elections.

In the Sverdlovsk election Commission has already received the documents of six candidates for the presidency of the region: acting Governor of the region Yevgeny Kuyvashev (United Russia), Deputy of the Ekaterinburg municipal Duma Dmitry Sergin (“the Russian party of pensioners for social justice”), the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of region Dmitry Ionin (“Fair Russia”), member of the Board “Plus Bank” Alexey Parfenov (CPRF), Igor Toroshin (LDPR) and Deputy of the Yekaterinburg city Duma Konstantin Kiselev (“Green”).

Roizman goes on elections of the head of the Sverdlovsk region from the “Apple” 21.06.2017

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