More and more Russians refuse from attempts to replace imported medicines domestic, has shown poll of research holding “ROMIR”. Not helping “any more attractive price of domestic products or of consumer patriotism,” the authors of the study.

The share of people who told pollsters that they prefer to buy foreign drugs, did not trust the domestic pharmaceutical industry, two years of the policy of import substitution is not only not decreased but even increased – from 40% to 42%.

If in 2015, 91% of fans of foreign drugs under certain circumstances were ready to purchase domestic counterparts, today the share of such answers decreased to 69%,” notes “ROMIR”.

The proportion of those who could find the Russian analogues of imported medicines and switched to them, already collapsed twice – in 2015 there was 43% and this was only 24%.

The number of those who have not even tried to go to the domestic drugs increased 1.5 times from 16% to 27%.

In particular, more than a third – from 36% to 22% decreased the proportion of those who would be willing to replace the imported drugs on the Russian because of attractive prices. Also almost doubled from 21% to 12% – reduced the number of responses on willingness to purchase Russian analogues of imported medicines habitual love of domestic producers.

Among those who do not may abandon foreign drugs, more and more people explain their choice with the low quality of domestic products: in 2015 there was only 5% and became 18%. In addition, from 4% to 10% increase in the proportion of those who in principle do not trust the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

Recall, the success of which boast of local producers, and their attempts to supplant the market of foreign products are associated with massive savings on the production and the transition to cheap Chinese and Indian raw materials, recently wrote the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

Import of substances for the production of medicines from China increased by 35%; its value, according to GSM Group, 25 times lower than the European products.

ROMIR: neither lower prices nor patriotism do not help domestic medicines to displace imports 03.10.2017

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