The real expenses of inhabitants of Russia in September this year for the first time in 2013 showed a positive trend, showed another research holding “ROMIR”.

According to the data obtained on the basis of the Skan-panel of households Romir Scan Panel, last September was unusually productive in terms of daily expenses of Russians. Growth was observed in all regions, all types of cities, all the income groups. And even dozing on the minimum levels in recent months, the average check has shown steady growth.

So, at the end of September, total expenses of Russians grew by 4.8%, which far exceeds the monthly inflation rate, calculated by Rosstat in the amount of 0.2%. And even by September of last year, growth of expenses of Russians was 6.3%, which almost coincides with the accumulated inflation of 6.4%.

In September consumer expenses of Russians compared to August, according to the “romira” increased by 4.8% and compared to September last year – just 6.3%.

Spending growth in monthly terms was much higher than the inflation rate, and annual almost caught up with her.

“This consumerist zeal has not been seen for a long time,” write the experts of the company, which has a monthly estimate consumer activity of Russians.

Back in August, “ROMIR” reported that the Russians continue to save, and their costs adjusted for inflation declined sharply. A new report says that August may have been the bottom, and then the Russians will begin to increase consumption.

Average check in the store in September grew by 7%. For several months he had increased.
In September, the revenue increased the middle class: thanks to people with average incomes consumption in September rose so fast, experts say “romira”.

People with high incomes only modestly increased spending, and people with low income in September continued to save.
Research Romir Scan Panel is based on consumption data 35 thousand Russians, 13.5 thousand of 181 households in the town with a population over 10 thousand people, representing buying and consumer behavior of urban residents of Russia.

ROMIR: the real costs of the Russians showed the first increase in three years 06.10.2016

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