Created by the government of the Autonomous nonprofit organization “Roskoshestvo” in the course of check most popular type of bread sliced loaf – came to the conclusion that all products in the Central part of the country is safe, however, almost 20% of cases the violations in the manufacture, reports TASS.

In the first stage the tests were 65 samples of bread made in the Belgorod, Vladimir, Voronezh, Ivanovo, Kaluga, Kostroma, Kursk, Lipetsk, Moscow, Ryazan, Smolensk, Tambov, Tver and Yaroslavl regions, and also in Moscow. The results of the study of bread quality in other Federal districts of the Russian Federation will be published before the end of 2017.

In 42% of cases the product was of high quality (properties exceeded the parameters of state Standards), 40% of the investigated products recognized as safe (with the relevant requirements of the legislation), and in 12 cases, or about 18,5% of the tested bread – experts have identified various shortcomings in the quality of the product.

The most problematic indicators were the porosity of the bread and the amount of its fat. In 12 cases, the manufacturers are not reported in the dough butter or margarine.

The discrepancy claimed by GOST porosity was recorded in the goods under the trademarks “Lagerservice” and Selyanochka. Similar discrepancies were also detected in three samples, but technically it’s not considered a violation because the samples were not manufactured according to GOST, and more simple specifications.

In addition, among the samples studied was not “multiple stained” or “bleached” loaves, but in six cases were found with artificial preservatives, according to the materials of the study.

As for the quality of flour from which was made a sliced loaf, as experts write “Roccasecca”, “consumer myth that in the production of bread at times used so-called low-grade feed wheat, was confirmed.” “Indirect indicators of flour quality indicate that with high probability, the producers used the flour”, the report says.

Not confirmed fears of some buyers that in the bread there are the accelerators of maturation and pathogenic bacteria, said the head of Roskoshestvo Maxim Protasov.

Non-profit organization “Russian quality system” (“Rascacielo”) was established by government order in 2015 for an independent study of the quality of goods displayed on the shelves of local stores. The best products are awarded the quality Mark – listing can be found in the relevant section of the website “Rockafella”.

“Roskoshestvo” admitted white bread in Central Russia safe, but part of it is made with violations 30.09.2017

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