Press Secretary and Vice-President of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontyev in his interview to Business FM call took place on Friday, the fall of shares of “Bashneft” the natural situation.

Speaking about the growth in the value of securities of “Bashneft” before the sale of state companies “Rosneft”, Leontiev said that “actions were dispersed”.

“Now, since the speculative reason for acceleration is gone, they fall may be somewhat excessive, because there are speculators, nothing wrong I do not mean by this, normal operation of the exchange. What here there is a subject for wonder and reviews? Everything happens naturally, like a sunrise”, – assured the press-Secretary of “Rosneft”.

Eve, we recall, ended the rapid transfer of “Bashneft” under control “Rosneft”. “Bashneft” has started to operate as a subsidiary of “Rosneft” on 13 October, said the head past Igor Sechin. “Rosneft” has transferred all the money for the purchase of a controlling stake in Bashneft, said on 12 October, Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with the government. It was reported that the deal will amount to 329 billion 690 million rubles.

On Friday, during morning trading on the Moscow stock exchange the shares of “Bashneft” has considerably fallen in price, on the high desheveya at 7%, but then the decline has slowed. According to analysts, minority shareholders fear that “Rosneft” has received control over “Bashneft”, will not to offer the offer to purchase the shares, writes “Interfax”.

On the eve became known that the state Duma in November to consider a bill that would exempt state-owned companies from the obligation to buy shares from minority shareholders of acquired companies if the transaction was initiated by the acts of the President or the government. A bill introduced in early July, a previous Deputy of the state Duma, the sixth convocation of the “United Russia” Alexander Metkin.

Interviewed by Interfax experts in the field of corporate governance have disagreed about whether the bill’s provisions to the acquisition by Rosneft of a controlling stake of “Bashneft”.

Some of them believe that the Directive to the state representatives in the Board of Directors of “Rosneft” about purchase of Bashneft and the government order of 10 October on the alienation of shares in favor of the state, the company can be considered governmental acts, pursuant to which there was a transaction.

Rosneft formally the state is not, however, according to IFRS with him affiliated company controls the holding Rosneftegaz, which is owned by the government, which, in turn, directly owned a controlling interest in Bashneft.

Under current law, “Rosneft” should make an offer to minority shareholders for the purchase price of the stake in Bashneft to the state within 35 days. In the past, the purchase by Rosneft of TNK-BP was accompanied by a conflict with minority shareholders over the price of the offer. After the forced redemption of minority shareholders were in litigation with Rosneft, but in the end still lost.

Rosneft explained the fall of the stock absorbed in Bashneft 14.10.2016

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