Company “Rosneft” has increased by 55 million rubles, the amount of the claim about protection of honor and dignity to the journalists and to the RBC holding, which now stands at 3,179 billion. Earlier the newspaper published an editorial in which she explained why this figure, like all the other claims of “Rosneft”, “has no relation to reality and may be similar to the settling of accounts with the independent media.”

“We would like to clarify our claims. Ask to recover jointly and severally from the defendants 3,179 billion rubles,” – said the representative of “Rosneft” during a court session in the Moscow Arbitration court (quoted by TASS). According to plaintiffs, increasing the amount of claims connected with experts, which estimated the potential damage caused by the publications. Ultimately, the court postponed the hearing on December 12, giving the defendants time to study the findings of the experts.

At the same time, the court refused to engage BP as a third party under the claim “Rosneft”. Previously RBC insisted that without regard to the position BP to objectively consider the dispute impossible. In turn, representatives of “Rosneft” opposed the involvement of BP as the decision of the court stated the claim could not affect the rights and obligations of the company.

“If such a solid organization first said one amount, and now this amount is different, the question arises – maybe the first figure was too high and unsubstantiated? Indirectly, these steps can be regarded as pressure, but direct pressure either. Generally speaking, the suspension media on the hook for legal claims is quite common in our country scheme”, – quotes “Kommersant” the words of the Director, National research centre of television and radio Alexey Samohvalova.

In April “Rosneft” has submitted to Arbitration court of Moscow the claim to the journalists of the RBC holding Timothy Dzyadko, Lyudmila Podobedova and Maxim tovkaylo, demanding refutation of false information published in the article “Sechin asked the government to protect Rosneft from BP”. Also among the defendants included the company “Business news”, is the founder and publisher of the newspaper, RBC-TV presenter Konstantin Bochkarev.

The article RBC said the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin, for fear that BP will collect blocking stake in the company, asked the government to restrict the ability of customers to cooperate with BP. As stated in the material, Sechin has suggested the government not to sell 19.5% stake in the market, and find at least two buyers among Asian companies or funds.

In the oil company denied the report, calling it “false” and “based on nothing the imagination of journalists or their so-called sources”, and then filed a lawsuit. November 9, in the article “Six questions about the claim of “Rosneft”: why its unreasonable demands” RBC journalists stressed that the above article, firstly, did not affect the relations between “Rosneft” and BP, and second, the accusations of spreading information discrediting business reputation of the company, does not stand up to scrutiny. The official representative of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontiev, in turn, described the new publication journalists as an attempt of pressure upon court through the formation of public opinion.

“Rosneft” has increased the amount of the claim to RBC for 55 million rubles 11.11.2016

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