On Board Minobrnauki the head of Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov told about the changes that relate to the delivery of the Unified state examinations and monitoring the quality of education in Russian schools. For example, officials are concerned about the fact that graduates of all-out effort in the exam and run other disciplines are going to arrange for eleventh test in all subjects.

“This year the all-Russian tests on the fourth classes have to be mandatory. In a voluntary regime, we developed tasks for the fifth grade. The proposed regions to hold a national test for seniors”, – quotes words of the head of Rosobrnadzor “Interfax”.

In his opinion, the holding of the national assessment in all subjects will help to raise the level of quality of education and to identify existing problems.

“Also this year we offer all-Russian regions to pass tests in the Russian language at the beginning of the second quarter in the second and fifth grade. Corresponding letter the Ministry sent to the regions,” the official added. Control work will be conducted on 9 and 10 November.

According to Kravtsova, by 2019, all of the items on the exam will be equipped for printing and scanning examination tasks. Last year this scheme worked 30% of the state exam in the future, it is believed the Service is “completely exclude the human factor in treatment outcomes.”

In the future, said the head of the Department in the report of the Board of the Ministry of education, exam in literature will consist of creative tasks. “We have developed a new model of the exam, when we want to refuse the job, when you write the correct answer. Almost completely we move on to creative jobs
maximum appreciate the creativity of pupils”, – he explained, adding that students were more likely to choose books for the exam.

In addition, the Rosobrnadzor reported of readiness for introduction of unified state examination on computer science on the computer. “Recently the teacher of the year at the meeting with the President of the Russian Federation this topic was raised,” reminded Kravtsov.

Currently, experts in school education in Russia, examine the quality of education in foreign languages, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. Next will be organized by the research about the quality of education on life safety, the work of mathematicians and teachers of computer science have appreciated.

According to the newspaper, extensive research has shown a noticeable decline in the quality of education in 5th and 6th grades, a serious problem in rural schools. At the same time, the children began to read more.

We will remind, Unified state examination is held in Russia since 2009. Currently, the tests in this format are held for 14 secondary subject. It is mandatory exam in Russian language and mathematics.

Rosobrnadzor asked the regions to organize the eleventh grade tests in all subjects 25.10.2016

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