The correspondent of the Russian international TV channel RT (formerly Russia Today) Murad Gazdiev and crew were in Western Aleppo under fire, which made the rebels holding the Eastern districts of the city. Journalists in a difficult situation managed to record a short video, after which they went to the hospital, where he saw many wounded.

According to TV channel, at the same time, the terrorists launched an offensive on the position of the government army once refused to leave the city for humanitarian corridors.

“10 minutes after our arrival, the terrorists began a new attack, a new offensive. The Syrian military intercepted their radio conversations, which were given the order to start the attack. Not far from us were three unexplained explosions: three car bombs were undermined by suicide bombers,” he told Gazdiev.

According to him, the crew managed out of hiding to record a video like a few metres from the journalists of the shells exploded. Gazdiev notes that in the eyes of journalists, dozens of local residents with children were fleeing from the fire.

“Among them were wounded, all of them wanted to leave the front line and take refuge in the city. The Syrian military drove civilians, they drove us. We got to the hospital and there he saw many wounded, including children. We do not know the exact number of dead and wounded,” added Gazdiev.

On the eve of Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to enter in the Syrian city of Aleppo humanitarian pause 4 Nov. The corresponding decree the head of state gave defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“In light of the failure of our American colleagues to separate the opposition from the terrorists speak directly to all leaders of armed formations (with a call) to cease hostilities and to withdraw from Aleppo with his arms. To do this, open two corridors, which will be available to all government forces and equipment,” – said the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

Humanitarian pause in Aleppo operated from 20 to 22 October. To exit the city included eight of humanitarian corridors: six civilians and two militants. However, the terrorists refused to leave the city. According to the Russian military, the militants fired at humanitarian corridors and prevent the emergence of a city of civilians.

On 23 October, Syrian government forces resumed the offensive in the South of Aleppo, managing to establish control of important heights and objects. According to various estimates, in the Eastern parts of the city are about seven thousand of terrorists representing various gangs.

RT journalists came under fire in Aleppo 03.11.2016

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