Computer simulation of variants of combat use of missile defenses, the United States conducted by the research institutions of the defense Ministry, showed her a great danger to Russia and China than previously thought. Advanced interceptor missiles “Standard-3″ modification 2A allow them to shoot down Russian missiles almost immediately after launch. In addition, the American missiles can shoot down satellites of other countries. This was stated by first Deputy head of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff of the Armed forces (AF) of the Russian Federation the General-Lieutenant Victor Pozniki in the briefing “global layered missile defense as a threat to the military security of Russia and China and strategic stability in the world.”

“The simulation showed that the missile “Standard-3″ have the ability to intercept Intercontinental ballistic missiles and ballistic missile submarines, not only on average, as approved by the United States, but also the initial part of the trajectory of the missiles. This fact was confirmed by a number of independent American experts,” the General quoted “Interfax”.

Speaking about the results of the computer simulation capabilities of intercepting Russian missiles ship missile complexes, he noted that “the mere use of the ship launchers of cruise missiles in ground form is a violation by the USA of the Treaty on intermediate-range and shorter-range”. This Treaty prohibited the deployment of ground-based systems with a range of cruise missiles over 500 km And the range multi-purpose missiles “Tomahawk”, which supposedly can rig the PRO is 2.5 thousand km.

“Thus, under the impact of American cruise missiles can be practically the entire European part of Russia. This means that conversion of launchers MK-41 with cruise missiles “Tomahawk” on bases in Europe and on ships ABOUT can be carried out secretly and in a short time”, – stated the Russian leader.

According to him, under the pretext of countering North Korean and Iranian “missile threats” deployed system intended primarily to counter Russian and Chinese missiles.

Posenichi added that the US global missile defense system plan to expand its ability to destroy foreign satellites in orbit. Under attack may be Russian and Chinese. In 2008, the US had shot down his old companion as training.

Russia is ready to resume talks on missile defense with the United States and NATO

Russia is ready to resume contacts on the issues of ballistic missile defence (BMD) with the United States and with the Alliance. “The Russian side is ready to resume contacts on missile defense in the bilateral Russia – U.S. and multilateral NATO – Russia provided that their goal will be the conclusion of agreements, to the maximum extent taking into account the interests of each party,” said Posner.

The conclusion of a new agreement on missile defense today, “much more difficult” than in 2011-2012, recognized Pesnihi. He cited the example of the start-3 Treaty, which entered into force in 2011. “When we started work on the start-3 Treaty, the position of the Russian and American sides was, you might say, diametrically opposed on the most important provisions. However, understanding the consequences that will result in full legal vacuum in the field of nuclear weapons, which could occur after the termination of the previous agreement helped us to reach a reasonable mutual concessions and to sign a new contract,” the General explained (quoted by TASS).

“Unfortunately, previous attempts to conduct a dialogue on missile defense, as we now understand, the American side sought to use only as a screen. Partner has shown a readiness to discuss with Russia the most acute problems, and in the meantime implemented plans for a missile defense system. Negotiating partners must at least be respected, and especially not to treat them as the whipping boys,” added Pesnihi.

How Russia intends to respond to the missile

In 2014, the defense Ministry told about the heavy ballistic missile – immune to ABOUT the US response. Design work associated with the development of a new heavy ICBM called Sarmat is expected to be completed by 2018 – 2020. A new ICBM is developing several enterprises led by the State rocket center Makeyev. Long range, allowing you to attack through the South pole, will force US to work on difficult round ABOUT. A large supply of useful combat load “Sarmat” will allow to load the rocket not only warheads, but also different systems to overcome missile defense.

The American military initiative “fast (or lightning) global strike” involves creation of offensive weapons systems, which are able to strike non-nuclear weapons on any point of the planet within an hour after the decision. It should be based on a deeply modified Intercontinental ballistic missiles, hypersonic cruise missiles and weapons based on new physical principles, such as laser cannons and railguns.

14 may 2016 in Poland began the construction of the base the US missile defense system. The President of Poland Andrzej Duda, speaking at the ceremony, said that Poland waited for NATO forces will reside on its territory. Base 12 may have been opened in Romania. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow in response to the development of the European missile defense system will take action.

Earlier in the West have repeatedly declared that the objects of the European missile defense not directed against Russia. NATO’s missile defence in Romania and Poland are planned in the future to modify to intercept Russian missiles short and medium range, said Deputy head of the Pentagon Robert Wark. According to the Deputy head of the Pentagon, the purpose of these systems is, “to provide protection from threats outside the Euro-Atlantic operating area.”

Secretary General of the organization Jens Stoltenberg in may 2016 , saidthat the Alliance does not want new cold war with Russia. Thus, according to him, NATO’ve been watching how “Russia is intensively investing in the armed forces.” In March 2015, it became known about the successful testing of a new Intercontinental ballistic missile “Boundary”, nicknamed “killer”. As noted in the defense Ministry, is one response to the deployment of American global missile defense system.

Russia and China think ABOUT the US threat to its security and going to take action 11.10.2016

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