The head of Vatican diplomacy Paul Richard Gallagher is convinced that Russia is an important actor in the international arena. Secretary of the Holy see for relations with States, English Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher said in an interview published today by the Turin newspaper La Stampareported on Tuesday

Monsignor Paul Richard Gallagher is confident that an agreement with Iran on its nuclear program will contribute to peace in the middle East.

“The Holy see appreciated the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program as it believes that to resolve the contradictions and difficulties should follow the path of dialogue and negotiation. The agreement is the result of many years of negotiations on the issue that caused strong concern, ” said Gallagher. In his opinion, “the way to solve conflicts in the middle East, which should be addressed at the global and regional level at the same time, is the path of dialogue and negotiation, not confrontation.” “The truth is that this path requires bold decisions for the common good, but this path leads to a long-awaited peace in the region”, – said the Prelate.

Answering the question about the Greek crisis, Monsignor Gallagher said: “the Greek crisis has clearly demonstrated some of the difficulties and limitations in the functioning of the European Union. Unfortunately, the role of Europe, as it was conceived “founding fathers” after the Second world war, may be restricted only to financial and economic functions.”

According to the representative of the Vatican, “the economy, despite its importance, must coexist with other values – cultural, political and ethical, with the same decisive importance for the development of European society.”

Paul Richard Gallagher also highlighted the role of international community on a political settlement in Iraq, the involvement of all groups – Shia, Sunni, Kurds in the political life of the country, along with the strengthening of rule of law institutions, for which the starting point is the dignity of each individual, and purpose – the common good”.

In addition, the head of Vatican diplomacy responded to the question, whether Russia could help stabilize the situation in the Mediterranean. He recalled that the Russian President Vladimir Putin during his official visit to the Vatican June 10, discussed with Pope Francis the situation in Ukraine and the middle East.

“Dad stressed the need to make a major effort to establish peace in Ukraine and for a peaceful settlement in the middle East, with specific involvement in this international community. Russia is clearly a significant actor in the international arena, and I think we should all go together, not separately, and certainly not one against the other. The Russian Federation could play in stabilizing in the Mediterranean the same role which it played in reaching agreement with Iran on its nuclear program,” said Gallagher.

Russia could help stabilize in the Mediterranean, convinced the Vatican 05.08.2015

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