Experts from international NGO Transparency International has compiled a list of the most corrupt countries in Europe and Central Asia. Russia was among the “leaders” of the rating, along with Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine.

Data from the study “global corruption Barometer” suggests that corruption is perceived by Russians as the third most important issue after economic status and health.

“If we talk about the areas in which the Russians actually encounter corruption most often this happens in medicine, education and the police”, – the experts of Transparency International. 42% of Russian respondents thus reported that, in their opinion, ordinary citizens are not able to reduce the level of corruption.

“Assessing the reasons why people do not report corruption, 17% of respondents said that it is simply dangerous,” notes Transparency International. 16% of respondents said that does not make sense to report on corruption, 14% don’t believe in anything to prove, and 11% are afraid to admit their involvement in the crimes.

In January, Transparency International presented the Index of perception of corruption in the world for 2015. The study showed that more than six billion people live in countries with high levels of corruption in the public sector. At the same time Russia was not in the hundreds of the least corrupt countries.

In the rankings for 2015 included the 168 States, the level of corruption in which were evaluated on a 100-point scale, where 0 is the highest level of corruption and 100 the lowest. Russia was out of 168 countries on 119-m a place (index – 29). The indicator improved slightly compared to the previous year (index – 27, 136-e a place).

Russia entered the list of the most corrupt countries in Europe according to Transparency International 17.11.2016

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