Russia dropped to 17 positions in the ranking of the rule of law, compiled annually by the international independent organization World Justice Project, and took the list from 113 countries 92nd place, between Ecuador and Uzbekistan. In last year’s list of the Russian Federation has occupied the 75th place.

Above Russia was including Iran (86-e a place), Kyrgyzstan (83rd place), Ukraine (78th place), Moldova (77-e a place), Kazakhstan (73), India (66th place) and Belarus (57th place). Worse than in Russia, the situation with the rule of law in Turkey, Kenya, Honduras, Pakistan, Egypt and Afghanistan.

The top ranking looks like this: Denmark, Norway, Finland, then Sweden and the Netherlands with the same index of 0.86, Germany, Austria and New Zealand (0,83), Singapore, and the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada with the same index of 0.81, followed by Belgium and Estonia (she has the best figure of the post-Soviet countries), Japan and Hong Kong.

As notes “Interfax”, the leader of the bloc “Eastern Europe and Central Asia”, which includes Russia, Georgia found itself caught up in the rankings to 34th place. Followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. Most countries in the region have not changed their positions in 2015.

The rule of law was developed in 2010. It measures the achievements of countries from the point of view of ensuring a legal environment and is prepared by combining eight indicators: to limit the powers of government institutions, lack of corruption, openness of the state, law and order and security, fundamental rights, regulatory enforcement, civil justice, criminal justice.

In 2014, when Russia was on the 80th place, the bottom lines of the rating of the 99 countries served: Cameroon, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Venezuela. In 2015, the list of 102 countries on the lower lines were the same five countries and Cambodia, and Russia has occupied the 75th place.

In February 2016
Russia took
14-th place in the ranking of the most miserable economies in the world (World’s Most
Miserable Economies) compiled by Bloomberg.

Russia has dropped to 92nd place in the ranking of the rule of law 21.10.2016

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