The Russian armed forces will not participate in military action in Syria, said President of Russia Vladimir Putin in interview to the American TV stations CBS and PBS. Incomplete transcript of the President with journalist Charlie rose, published on the Kremlin website.

“Russia will not participate in any military operations in Syria or in other States, at least, as of today, we do not plan. But we are thinking of how to intensify our work and with President (Bashar al) Assad, and with our partners in other countries”, – Putin said.

In his words, Russia is providing military and humanitarian assistance only legitimate army of the Syrian leader, all under the UN Charter. Putin stressed that the aim of Russia’s presence in Syria is to keep Assad in power.

“Acting in the other direction, towards the destruction of legitimate institutions of power, we can create a situation that is now observed in other countries in the region or in other regions of the world, for example, in Libya, where completely disintegrated all state institutions. We observe the similar situation in Iraq”, – explained his position the Russian leader.

The only solution to the Syrian crisis, he added, is to strengthen the existing legal state structures. Damascus is necessary not only to assist in the fight against terrorists, but also to move it towards a “positive dialogue with the healthy part of the opposition and political transition,” said Putin.

To a journalist’s question about millions of Syrians who have become refugees because of Assad and the thousands of people who died, “many of them were killed by his people,” the Russian President replied: “And what do You think if we are doing those who support the armed opposition and, primarily, terrorist organizations only to topple Assad, not caring about what will happen to the country after the complete destruction of its state institutions?”

Besides, Putin has noticed that at present, 60% of Syrian territory controlled by either the militants of the Islamic state or other terrorist organizations. Among them, more than two thousand immigrants from the former Soviet Union, said the head of the Russian Federation.

“There is a danger that they will return to us. Than wait for them to come back to us, it is better to help Assad to fight them over there, in Syria. Here is the motive that pushes us to provide Assad assistance. In General, we certainly don’t want the situation in the region “analizirovalis,” said the Russian leader.

In the interview we also touched upon the topic of the Ukrainian crisis. Putin said that he respects the sovereignty of Ukraine and would like to so did other countries. To respect the sovereignty, he explained, “it means to prevent coups, unconstitutional actions and illegal displacement of legitimate authorities”.

“I think it is absolutely unacceptable to us? Addressing issues, including controversial issues, domestic issues in the republics of the former Soviet Union with the so-called “color revolutions”, with coups and unconstitutional methods of the current government – that is absolutely unacceptable,” Putin said, adding that “our partners in the United States do not hide that have supported those who are opposed to President Yanukovych.”

Conversing with an American journalist, the President laughed at the fact that Russia “is suspected of any ambition and all the time try to distort”. “I’m proud of Russia. We have much to be proud of. But we don’t have some fetish about superterranes Russia on the world arena”, – said Putin.

In addition, he refused to judge the performance of President Barack Obama, because “it’s the American people”, and said that he loves most in the United States: “a Creative approach to addressing America’s problems, the openness and emancipation – this gives you the opportunity to reveal the inner potential of people”.

Russia has no plans to participate in military action in Syria, Putin said 28.09.2015

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