The Russian side has addressed to the Swedish authorities with a proposal to raise from the seabed the wreck 100 years ago, the Russian submarine Som, discovered in Swedish banks in 2015. According to the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, the Russian Ambassador in Sweden Victor Tatarintsev wrote an official letter to the Maritime administration of Sweden in may of this year.

The diplomat noted that working together to rescue the sunken ship helps “improve the General atmosphere in the Russian-Swedish relations”.

“Sweden, of course, will be responsible for a judicial decision (on the question of lifting of a vessel. – Approx., because the submarine is in the territorial waters of Sweden and Russia will be responsible for the financial and practical issues, – said Russian diplomats. In any case, we are very grateful to the Swedish partners for their constructive approach and positive engagement”.

The Ministry of justice of Sweden has not yet confirmed the plans to rescue the sunken ship. The Department stated that initially collected to assess the risks associated with such operation. In September a group of Russian and Swedish experts went to explore a sunken submarine. They believe that the vessel could remain explosive and there is a risk of detonation in case of lifting the boat to the surface, notes The Local.

The submarine “Catfish” was built in the United States in 1901 and first bore the name “Fulton”. In 1904 she was taken to Russia, and then on its basis created a series of submarines. The original “Catfish” was first served in Vladivostok, then on the black sea fleet, and then in the Baltic States.

In may 1916, the submarine collided with the steamer when I was patrolling the area off the coast of Sweden. On Board the “Catfish” were 18 crew members, they all died. Commanded a boat 25-year-old Lieutenant Chrysanthus K. Boguraev.

About the amazing discovery became known in the summer of 2015. Swedish researchers have stumbled upon a sunken submarine in the area with heavy Maritime traffic. Identification was possible thanks to the inscriptions in Cyrillic on the Board. After it became clear that we are really talking about “Soma” in Moscow started talking about joint expedition, which would make the participation of the Russian geographical society.

Divers from Ocean X Team in August last year made the first dive to the submarine and published shot underwater video.

Russia has offered to Sweden together to raise from the bottom a century the submarine “Catfish” 31.10.2016

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