Russia invites China to join efforts to protect the Internet, in particular, to create a common system of cloud data storage and to ensure “stability and invulnerability from external influence of the national segment of the Internet” based on Russian solutions. This was stated by Deputy Minister of communications and mass communications of Russia Alexei Volin.

Suggestions Volin sounded on the Russian-Chinese forum of Internet media in Guangzhou. Organized pad Sputnik Agency and the newspaper China Daily.

The official, in particular, said: “We need the cooperation in the field of data storage, especially in the traffic exchange points, which are on Russian territory. Together you should think about creating a system of cloud storage that will enhance the independence and invulnerability of the national segment of the Internet.” (Quoted by “Prime”.)

Wolin believes that countries can do much together in the first place in security issues in the network. “The need to ensure stability and immunity from external influence of the national segment of the Internet. Here we are ready to present our Chinese partners in a range of proposals. It is wider than pure media, but without them any activities on the Internet will be absolutely impossible”, – quotes the representative of the Ministry TASS.

The Deputy Minister pointed out that Russia has a good solution to detect viruses and deal with them, as well as developments in the field of finding vulnerabilities in information and communication systems. “This is especially true today, when certain vulnerability, we start to find in those systems that supply our Western partners, which is important after a series of scandals associated with the revelations of Snowden and some other things,” he added.

Russian-Chinese forum the online media is held in Guangzhou city in Guangdong province, China, 28-29 Oct. The Russian Ministry of Telecom and mass communications is official partner and co-organizer.

In China since 2003, the system of “Golden shield”, informally known as the “Great Chinese firewall”: it allows you to filter the information of the foreign networks, to limit access to foreign sites and filter pages from the national segment of the keyword list, and black list addresses.

In Russia of a blacklist of sites leads Roskomnadzor, this week, the Agency ordered to close for the Russians access to the first social network – it became the site of LinkedIn.

Russia invited China to join efforts to protect the Internet 29.10.2016

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