Russia has prepared a series of events asymmetrical in nature in case of possible tightening of sanctions against Moscow by the United States. On Monday, October 24, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov, speaking at a meeting of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs on the draft law on termination of the agreement with the US on plutonium disposition.

“The sanctions policy of the USA against Russia has been ongoing for a long time. We used this period to conduct some research, prepare a series of activities that can be used in asymmetric mode in the event of further tightening of the sanctions regime,” – said the diplomat, quoted by TASS.

A week ago, after talks in London the foreign Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson and US Secretary of state John Kerry said that London and Washington are considering imposing new economic sanctions against Syria and Russia due to the aggravation of the situation around Aleppo.

At the EU summit on 21 October not to impose new sanctions against Russia over Aleppo. At the same time introduced after the annexation of Crimea to Russia in connection with aggression in the Donbas restrictions remained in effect.

On the same day, White house spokesman Josh Ernest said that the US is discussing with European partners the ways of opposition to Russia’s actions in Syria, including through new sanctions. Commenting on the words of Ernest, Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned that in this case, the relationship between Russia and the West will be completely destroyed. The diplomat stressed that the threat of sanctions against Russia became the usual thing for the West, it is “turned into a daily ritual.”

Then Ryabkov also warned that Moscow will find a way to answer possible new sanctions by the United States so that the balance is not in favor of Washington. He noted that the sanctions are not legal legitimate tool “in the form in which they are practicing countries, it draws itself from the lights of democracy, supporters of international law.”

Deputy foreign Minister assured that in case of expansion of us sanctions lists “under false and largely meaningless pretexts,” Moscow will find a way to respond so that the balance formed a “not in favor of the United States.”

We will remind, the West accused Moscow and Damascus to bombardment of civilians and armed opposition. Syria and Russia insist that strikes only against terrorists, and require the dissociation of the moderate opposition against the radicals. Last week, in Aleppo, was introduced on humanitarian pause for civilians and the release of rebels, who wished to cease hostilities. On Saturday, October 22, the humanitarian pause ended. On Monday, Sergei Ryabkov said that the ceasefire can be re-introduced in the city, if the international coalition led by the USA will affect opposition groups, forcing them to abide by the truce.

As for the law on suspension of the agreement with the US on plutonium disposition, the discussion of which in the Federation Council Sergei Ryabkov announced the upcoming asymmetric response, October 19, for its acceptance voted 445 deputies, one abstained. Russian President Vladimir Putin has suspended the agreement between the U.S. and Russia on plutonium disposition by a decree from the 3rd of October.

Russia is prepared to asymmetric responses in the event of a tightening of US sanctions, said the foreign Ministry 24.10.2016

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