Bloomberg experts did not appreciate the Russian health care system, putting Russia on the last place in the ranking of the effectiveness of health care in different countries. In 2015, the Russian took a penultimate place, ahead of Brazil, but this year, experts of Bloomberg acknowledged that the money that Russia spends on the health of its citizens, the smallest impact among the countries included in the

In 2014, when Russia
first hit to this rating, she was on the last, 51st place, now were at the 55th, as the list includes another four countries. In these States, according to experts, the government spending for medicine provide citizens greater than in Russia, life expectancy.

Two years ago, the life expectancy of the average Russian was estimated at 70.5 years. But over the next two years, this rate worsened to 70,37. The decline in life expectancy occurred despite the increase in public spending on health (from 6.3 to 7.07% of GDP) and the cost of medical services per capita (from 887 to 893 USD.

Note that not so long ago, the Russian health Minister Veronika Skvortsova announced a new demographic achievements, saying that the average life expectancy of Russians in the first half of 2016
increased to 72,06. In March Skvortsova
reported to President Vladimir Putin that the average life expectancy of Russians increased to 71.2 years.

In December last year, Putin touched on the problem for Russia’s demographic topic in its
The message to the Federal Assembly. Then he announced that life expectancy in the country in 2016 will exceed 71 years, noting that over the last decade it has increased by more than five years. He stressed that increasing life expectancy is the main result of the state policy in the field of healthcare.

Countries where life expectancy is less than 70 years, the Bloomberg rating not included. However, Russia has overtaken, for example, States such as Jordan and Kazakhstan. First on health care spending of 7.45% of GDP, or $ 359 per person and life expectancy of the average Jordanian is 74.5 years, and the second spends 4,36% of GDP (539 USD per person), and the average life expectancy is 71,62 years.

The most effective recognized of the health care system of Hong Kong and Singapore. In the US, state spending on health care represents, according to Bloomberg, a 17.14% of GDP (9403 dollar per person), but on the value for money they are only in the 50th place.

Hong Kong took first place in the ranking, spends 5.4% of GDP (2021 USD per person), but the average life expectancy of its inhabitants has close to 84 years. Longer the people do not live in any of the included in the ranking of countries. In addition to Hong Kong and Singapore in the top ten included: Spain, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Israel, Chile, UAE and Australia.

In the analysis of efficiency of health systems experts Bloomberg accrued points, estimating life expectancy of populations (the main index, 60% weight in evaluation), the share of spending on health care in the national economy and health care costs per capita.

Russia took the last place in the ranking of the effectiveness of public health from Bloomberg 29.09.2016

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