The Russian authorities do not plan to return the export duty on wheat in 2017 at the end of the agricultural year, the probability of introduction of other quantitative or customs-tariff restrictions on the market are also extremely low.

“There is a clear signal for the foreseeable future: we have no plans to introduce export duties on grain. It can only be a force majeure measure in the most critical situation, the latest measure, which could be applied on the Russian grain market, taking into account the current situation”, – said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich at the Congress of Grain Union, in the framework of the Russian agricultural exhibition “Golden autumn – 2017″.

He recalled that 2014 was critical for the Russian economy as a whole: at the same time sanctions were imposed, fell energy prices and the ruble. As a result, in the beginning of 2015 was introduced export duty on wheat, said RIA “Novosti”.

“A similar situation may be repeated, but the probability of the combination of all factors simultaneously is very low. Similarly, the extremely low probability of the introduction of quantitative or customs-tariff restrictions on grain market. But you can never rule out rain, hail and higher taxes. That’s life, so please treat it quite calmly,” – said Dvorkovich.

However, according to the Vice Premier, there are some objective limitations, notes “Interfax”. “The market cannot absorb such a high volume of production. Export is a priority in the current agricultural year. But this does not mean that everything is so simple, because, despite the large capacity, there are infrastructure limitations associated with the railway and private port approach, there are limitations associated with road transport,” – said Dvorkovich.

In 2017, Russia is preparing to collect a record harvest of grain for the last 100 years

Russia is preparing to collect a record harvest of grain for the last 100 years – has already produced 126 million tons. As stated in the Ministry of agriculture, such amounts clearly indicate that Russia is preparing to regain its status as a world agricultural power.

In 2016, the grain harvest in Russia amounted to of 120.7 million tons, almost came close to the historical record in 1978, when it was collected 127 million tons.

Such rapid development of the market promises Russia and a significant increase in grain exports. Sold abroad, the volume of cereals, legumes and their products in terms of grain will be a record in 2017 – 44 million tonnes (in 2016, was 38 million tonnes).

From the point of view of influence on the world market, Russia is still a net importer of food to his country imported more than take out. Last year Russia exported food to approximately $ 17 billion and imported $ 25 billion.

Export of agricultural products, Russia is maintaining a high growth rate of 8-10% per year. Impressive results over the past two years, since Russia in response to European sanctions banned the import of certain products and took a course on import substitution.

Russia will not be in 2017 to enter the export duty on wheat at the end of the record harvest, grain exports – a priority 06.10.2017

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