A group of Russian warships led by the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” was captured off the coast of Britain. Video of the passage of the ship strike group through the English channel published by the British broadcasting Corporation BBC, noting that the court sent to the coast of Syria.

Presumably, the first in the Strait entered the Russian tugboat off the coast of Ramsgate (Ramsgate). The ships of the carrier battle groups of the Russian Federation are in international waters, the BBC notes. However, the day before the British Ministry of defense said that will be lead by Russian courts “observation in the framework of a firm commitment to preserve the security of the UK”.

Also it became known that to meet the aircraft carrier group of the Russian Navy from Portsmouth on Tuesday moved two British ships – the destroyer HMS Duncan (“Duncan”) and the frigate Richmond (“Richmond”). The Ministry of defence of the United Kingdom stated that “follow each step” of the Russian naval group in British waters.

According to the BBC, Admiral Kuznetsov is the only aircraft carrier of the Russian Navy, which can carry more than 50 aircraft. Weapons of the cruiser include anti-ship cruise missiles (ASM) “Granite”.

Took some time out this morning to watch the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov going past Dover. pic.twitter.com/wcEqeIPn9j

Russian aircraft carrier group captured during the passage through the English channel (PHOTOS) 21.10.2016

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