More than 200 Russian and Belarusian paratroopers arrived in Serbia to participate in international exercises “Slavic brotherhood-2016″, reports “Interfax” with reference to the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

“More than 150 soldiers of the special forces unit of the Ivanovo airborne brigade of the Russian Federation and about 50 paratroopers from the peacekeeping units of the Vitebsk brigade of the special operations Forces of the Republic of Belarus three aircraft Il-76MD arrived at the military airfield of Batajnica, located 25 km from Belgrade”, – reported in Department.

Upon arrival in Serbia of Russian and Belarusian paratroopers will make a 35-kilometer March to Serbian special brigade in Pancevo district. Movement of troops will be carried out on equipment provided by the Serbian side.

In addition, the exercise will involve aircraft of Russian air force, according to the website of the defense Ministry.
Three aircraft Il-76MD was transferred to Serbia together with the Russian paratroopers from the airfield Ivanovo-North.

The defense Ministry said that in addition to personnel being transferred to Serbia three combat vehicles BMD-2, four ATV, an unmanned aerial vehicle “Tachyon”, communication vehicle and to ensure safety on the basis of GAZ-66, as well as various military equipment.

“I wonder what part of the exercise Russia is experiencing a new weapon. We are talking in particular about miniature UAV nano drone, the size of a dragonfly,” – said on his page on Facebook Markiyan Lubkivsky, the coordinator of the movement “Justice”, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Croatia in 2006-2009.

“According to military analysts, these miniature devices will use Russian special forces. Nanostream Russia is still developing, but she’s in Serbia for the first time will be tested in real conditions”, – Lubkivsky wrote.

Serbia this year twice conducts joint military exercises with Russia and with NATO allies and EU members – “from 20 to 30″. This was stated by foreign Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic. Answering the question of local journalists about the possible disapproval of the West’s maneuvers with Russia, he said that Serbia is an independent state and decide with whom to conduct military exercises, reports the news Agency Tanjug Tanjug.

In October, in Serbia, completed the Russian-Serbian flight-tactical exercises “bars-2016″. According to data of the defense Ministry, which was attended by the crews of the MiG-29 and helicopters Mi-8 of the two countries. During the week joint aviation crews worked through the flights at different times of the day, air interception, close air combat, complex and aerobatics, as well as airdrops and search and rescue activities. There were more than 30 flights. During the exercises was practiced interaction in mixed crews and the practical experience gained in the tasks of fighter and army aviation for the purpose. It was involved up to 10 aircraft, the air force and air defence of Serbia.

International tactical exercises “Slavic brotherhood 2016″ will be held from 2 to November 15 near Belgrade, which involved units of the armed forces of Russia, Belarus and Serbia. The first exercises “Slavic brotherhood” was held last year on the ground Rayevsky near Novorossiysk on the base of the mountain airborne compounds. This year management exercises fully vested in the Ministry of defence of Serbia.

Russian and Belarusian paratroopers arrived in Serbia on the teachings of “Slavic brotherhood-2016″ 02.11.2016

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