Russian and Syrian air force started air strikes on the Syrian city of Aleppo after a”humanitarian pause”. The bombing began in the afternoon on Saturday, October 22, and increased by the evening of the same day, reports Reuters, citing the Syrian Supervisory Board for human rights.

The representative of the rebels Zakaria Malachite told reporters the Agency that the so-called humanitarian pause is not “easy”. “Nobody left the city through organized corridors. A small number of people who were trying to leave the city through the corridors, came under fire and were unable to leave,” he said.

The Syrian state Agency SANA reported that on Friday, October 21, none of the residents of Eastern Aleppo was not able to leave the combat zone because they were prevented by the militants who use civilians as human shields.

Thursday, October 20, in the region of Aleppo and the city went into effect “humanitarian pause”. As explained in the Russian Ministry of defense, a temporary cessation of the bombing is done to ensure that civilians were free to leave the city, and the sick and wounded evacuated to hospitals.

The introduction of a “humanitarian pause”, the defense Ministry announced on 17 October after leading the West assumed that Russia’s actions in Aleppo can be considered a war crime. The Russian air force, according to the statements, using unguided bombs and air strikes in densely populated areas, causing large numbers of civilian casualties. The Russian authorities deny these accusations.

Russian and Syrian air force again launched a bombing Aleppo 23.10.2016

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