The majority of Russian banks conceptually support the bill on the simplified procedure of bankruptcy of physical persons. as reported to IA “Finmarket”, said Advisor of the legal Department of VTB24 Sergey Seleznev at the session “Bankruptcy of individuals” International legal forum in St. Petersburg.

“Banks are not opposed to the abolition of compulsory attraction of financial Manager under the simplified procedure of bankruptcy of the citizen, although, of course, need to be additional safeguards to protect the rights of creditors,” – said Seleznev.

The Ministry of economic development has developed amendments, prescribe a simplified procedure of bankruptcy of citizens without mandatory involvement of a financial Manager. The minimum debt amount of the citizen should be 50 thousand rubles, the maximum amount is still under discussion, called options 900 thousand rubles to 700 thousand rubles to 500 thousand rubles.

The Bank of Russia and the Ministry of justice has sent comments to the bill, which pointed out the inexpediency of the abolition of compulsory attraction of financial Manager.

“The position that the financial Manager of the simplified procedure is not needed, supported by banks,” – said Deputy economic development Minister Nikolai Podguzov.

Thus, according to him, expect explosive growth in the number of bankruptcies after the introduction of the simplified procedure is not necessary. “But the citizens must understand that bankruptcy is not the end of life, and the ability to “reboot” your finances, begin to go abroad and pay taxes. For banks, it is possible to clear the balance and cancel the debts”, – he explained.

Under current law, from October 2015 in the presence of debt in the amount of more than half a million, and three months overdue on the loan individuals can achieve recognition by the bankrupt and not to pay debts.

However, to recognize themselves insolvent citizens often cannot: because of the necessary involvement of intermediaries the legal process of bankruptcy costs quite a large sum.

Since the beginning of the work of the Institute of bankruptcy of natural persons insolvent was recognized by 24 million people, according to data Medresurs ( at the end of the first quarter of 2017. The potential number of people bankrupt is estimated at nearly 700 thousand, only 4% of this amount have already undergone the procedure.

Russian bankers supported the concept of the simplified procedure of bankruptcy of physical persons 19.05.2017

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