Russian border guards shooting detained a North Korean ship, the crew of which tried to attack on a boarding team, and then started shooting. “Interfax” reports that the incident occurred in the sea of Japan. The border guards tried to detain poaching schooner. Her crew resisted, were fired to kill. One person was killed.

In a statement on the website of the FSB saidthat the border guards managed to detain the ship “Mae young 10″ (flag of South Korea, the home port of Sin, the crew of the 48 citizens of the DPRK). On Board were discovered “illegally extracted water bioresources”.

The FSB also announced the details of the incident.

The North Korean ship did not obey to requirements of frontier guards and began to move to the output of the exclusive economic zone of Russia in the direction of North Korea. Warning fire on the Koreans didn’t react – neither small arms nor, later, from the ship.

In order not to miss out on violators, the border guards decided to shoot the screws. After that, the ship lost speed and went adrift. As a result of hitting it in the aft compartments began entering sea water.

When performing the shooting of the propeller and the steering group team members the intruder tried to pounce on the FSB of Russia. One of the members of observation groups received a wound in the head.

After that, employees reinforced by special forces. Was produced first warning shooting, and then to defeat. According to the FSB, injuring a 9-member team of the intruder, one of them later died.

The rest of the wounded were given help, the team of the intruder evacuated on the edge ships.

Russian border guards have detained a North Korean ship, where the shot in the screening group 15.10.2016

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