The government approved the rules for the allowances to the capacity price for new cogeneration plants in Crimea. From them it follows that consumers of the European part of Russia and Ural have to pay 10 billion rubles a year for the energy supply of the Peninsula, which will increase their electricity costs by more than 0.5%.

The money structure “Rosteh” – “Technopromexport” – will be built in Sevastopol and Simferopol station with a total capacity of over 900 MW, the newspaper “Kommersant”.
Note that the project introduction of price premiums in the first price zone of the wholesale energy market (European part of Russia and Ural), which should return the investment in the Crimean generation, was proposed in 2014.

Technopromexport has already received 23.7 billion roubles from the budget. To launch the new blocks is planned in 2017-2018. Estimated additional annual burden on the wholesale market will be about 10 billion rubles within five years. This will lead to a rise in wholesale energy prices in the first pricing zone by more than 0.5%.

According to government regulation, until July 1, 2016, the relevant ministries must join the Crimea and Sevastopol to the wholesale market from the beginning of 2017. Now the Crimea is an isolated power system, it has rules of the retail market.

After commissioning of new power plants, investors will receive a monthly allowance to the price of power to compensate for their capital and operating costs. Compensation is based on objects, approved in an unpublished order of the government, the energy Ministry refused to give an agreed range of investors.

We will remind, in the Crimea now is only one fifth of the Peninsula of consumed electricity. In 2014 the Ministry of energy estimated the construction of new units in Crimea 44.6 billion. By the autumn of next year, the project has increased to 72 billion because of rising prices for basic equipment, as well as changes in the exchange rate. In this case the wear of power equipment on the Peninsula is approximately 70%.

In addition, in the fall of 2015, the Russian authorities are faced with the problem of energoblok of Crimea from Ukraine. Note, even starting the second leg of the power bridge from Krasnodar Krai to the Crimea, left the Peninsula from electricity shortages.

It is planned that two new thermal power plants to provide electricity to the Crimea is 90%. However, because of the crisis and international sanctions on financing the construction of power plants having problems.

As reported in late December, the Agency Reuters with reference to Minister of energy Alexander Novak, “Technopromexport” can attract Bank loans for the remaining 46 billion required investment. The repayment will provide the first price zone.

The allowance takes into account the required gross revenue less the amounts already received budgetary funds, profits from electricity sales and revenues from capacity sales. It is paid for five years since the launch of stations and relatively evenly distributed between the consumers in the first price zone.

Russian consumers will pay extra for the energy supply of the Crimea 13.01.2016

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