Former employees of the Russian Federal security service Alexei
Artamonov and his wife, defected in 2008 on the side
the us intelligence services, who replaced the names on Yan and Victoria Newman and
successfully worked five years in the US, told the European version
magazine Newsweek,
like the FBI, CIA and Department of homeland security threw them on
the lurch and refused to help when they were threatened with deportation to
Russia, the website InoPressa.
The couple managed to obtain political asylum only
with the help of lawyers.

Run out of Russia Alexey Artamonov, according to him, prompted
meeting with some dubious partner Bank, who explained that
it is against the mafia and its associates in the government: he is too
learned a lot about their double game and their greed.

Partner, according to the officer, offered three choices: to shoot,
to wait until someone will do it for him, or to flee the country.
Spouse Artamonova, who graduated from the same Academy of the FSB, was
a specialist in solving problems and spoke five languages, worked
the details of the escape.

“Ian called the two friends, high-ranking FSB officers, and
had told them about his plans of escape. One of them later gave him
dossier on corrupt officials on Lubyanka square, in
the headquarters of the FSB. Yang also downloaded electronic file on several
banks affiliated with the government: a rare chance to see inside
the criminal underworld tycoons, mafia and FSB”, –
according to the article.

Newmenu flew to the Dominican Republic, 29 may 2008 came in
the U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo and asked that they be heard people
responsible for the security. Them, as the magazine writes, “with open
arms,” took the CIA – CIA officer working under diplomatic

The couple voluntarily decided to become defectors, promised to share
state secrets in exchange for a new passport, permission to
jobs and housing. For unclear reasons, the CIA did not include them in the program
witness protection (PL-110), providing assistance to deserters and
members of their families.

They worked for the FBI for five years and became, according to
magazine, “the first defectors from Russian intelligence services, which
complained publicly that U.S. intelligence has let them down
destiny in America, and then refused to help when they were threatened
deportation to Russia, where they probably waited for the prison.”

In the US they took the name Newmenu new names – Ian and Victoria. First
Ian – Alexey Artamonov, Victoria refused to report their
Russian name. In 2016 she gave birth to their first child, he has
American citizenship, but was born under an assumed name.
The FBI declined to comment on the allegations of Numanov, saying it does not
confirms the identity of their informants.

They claim that they had been betrayed. “We have strengthened the security of this country.
And all the promises were broken. It causes a huge damage to the reputation
United States,” said Jan Newman.

Defectors revealed CIA the names of the corrupt bosses in the FSB:
three generals and many colonels

9 Jun 2008 the CIA began to ask them questions,
also why Newmenu fled Russia. “Ian admitted that the FSB
his last job was to investigate money laundering
money and other corruption in financial institutions; he received
good salary from the state, and put it in his pocket kickbacks
coming from the corrupt bankers and their partners-mafia all
this is frowned upon by his superiors. He later acquired the status of a reservist in
FSB and became Deputy chief of security in
the Moscow Bank “Creditimpex”, which partly functioned as a
operation to launder money for the same caste of criminals. In the period from
2005 to 2008, Ian has learned how to put a million dollars into the bag
one pack. In a corrupt brotherhood he joined voluntarily, but
his inquisitive nature (he began to dig in the left transactions of a
partner Bank) forced him to leave,” the article says.

FSB through the official representative has informed Newsweek that Ian
a traitor and a suspect in the theft that he was summoned for questioning about
the loss of approximately 1.5 million Euro from the “Creditimpex”, but it wasn’t. Ian
denies the allegations, saying they are designed to discredit him.

The next day, Newmenu called a friend in Moscow and learned that
they are hunted FSB and its companions-mafia. Yang says that the CIA
later confirmed the fact of their persecution. There advised them
to leave false trails for those who are looking for them.

An employee of the intelligence of the headquarters of the CIA asked them if they know
Americans-“mole” at Langley or other intelligence services. By the time
Newmenu CIA revealed a number of secrets, including the names of corrupt
high-ranking officers of the FSB, in particular, three generals and
many colonels.

The Americans traitors to Newmani knew nothing. Then the man of
the headquarters of the CIA invited the couple to return to Russia and secretly
to work for US from there, but they refused.

Artamonov did not take friends from the FSB, who hated the flowering
corruption under Putin

July 16 Nugmanov sent to Puerto Rico. The CIA gave them
ID of the Dominican Republic with new names
“Andrei Pavel Bogdan and Maria Bogdan”. Place of birth was listed

In San Juan they were put on a plane the FBI and taken to Richmond, state
Virginia. The FBI called the headquarters and
consulted what Nugmanov passport to present at the border –
genuine Russian or Dominican in the name Bogdan.

“It is still unclear why, but the FBI gave the officers their
Russian passports with their real names. Customs allowed
spouses to enter the U.S. under “humanitarian parole” – a special
the principle of entry for foreigners who have USA significant
help,” the article says.

The FBI and the CIA several months, asked the spouses about
counterintelligence, money laundering and organized crime.

Yang told the CIA that expose the corrupt officers of the FSB and SVR, and
their network of crooked bankers and partners-mafia in Russia and its
limits. But he told Newsweek that he refused to betray his friends in
the secret service. Many of them hated government corruption and its
the escalation under President Vladimir Putin. Yang believes that his
reluctance to expose Russian spies patriots reduced his
chances of getting into the PL-110″, – stated in the article.

According to the author, some FBI agents tried to intercept the CIA
control Numenume, and some employees of the CIA, apparently, was
dissatisfied with this.

The FBI has extended Newmenu contracts. To win the right to stay in the U.S.
spouses helped lawyers

Ian Newman told the FBI that once provided security at the meeting
Vyacheslav Ivankov (jap) with partners “Creditimpex” “Thai
elephant”, the restaurant in the center of Moscow, where later Ivankov was killed. Ian
also told the agents as representatives of banks in Russia were laundered
kickbacks from the mafia and paid officers of the FSB reports that they
become involved in investigations of government agencies. Numani also
explained how spies from the SVR embedded in American private
of the company.

Newmani were willing to help US and was hoping the CIA will send them on
work in Europe, but the FBI is not without pressure, however, persuaded them to become his
informants. “Victoria helped the FBI to find a few people
associated with “Creditimpex”, they all lived in Pennsylvania and neighboring
States. Ian helped the office to decipher the encrypted language of a Mafioso,
which it was attended. Later the couple learned that their contribution helped
FBI to expose a major international gang of smugglers” –
according to the article.

November 26, 2008, they officially changed names in an American court.
Now they were called “jános Gowen Newman and Victoria Avital Newman”.

They moved to Portland, Oregon. The FBI claimed that there they
spend no more than a year. Local FBI agents secretly, without the knowledge
headquarters, got them work permits. On the basis of these
documents Newmenu got a driver’s license, bought a car and
take out insurance, and were married.

“In early 2010 the FBI instructed Newmenu first assignment under
cover. They hunted criminals, many of whom were
Russians – persons who launder money through offshore banks and the market
real estate USA. The couple were posing as Russians-advisors,”
according to the article. The FBI has rented his office in Portland, and Numani started
advertising campaign to lure attackers to your trap.

“They sent out emails to law firms of Russia and many
European countries, offering mediation services for clients
who need to launder money in offshore accounts and create company in
USA”, – stated in the article.

In March 2012, the couple went to an interview at immigration
service to obtain political asylum in the United States. But in an interview with Yana
misunderstood. He says, explaining their responsibilities at the FSB
incorrectly used the pronoun “we” in describing the cruelty
Department, and the immigration officer erroneously concluded that he
people were tortured on the orders of Moscow. This became the basis for refusal in
political asylum.

In 2012, the FBI extended the contracts of Numanov to work. Documents
for permanent residence in the United States they have not issued. The couple
the trouble started: the need to look for temporary work,
internally the debts. 11 Jun 2013 the US government cancelled
numanov of a temporary right to remain in the United States, provided they
humanitarian grounds, after which they were threatened with deportation to Russia.

In 2014, lawyers of Numerov notified the FBI, CIA and the Ministry
internal security that he intends to sue them in court for
fraud and unlawful detention, as they did not keep
their promises and brought him to the US without his consent.

After efforts by lawyers, 19 September 2016, the court
Victoria has provided political asylum and removed obstacles to
further accommodation of spouses in the United States.

Russian defectors from the FSB complained to Newsweek betrayal of American intelligence 11.11.2016

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