The state rocket center named. V. Makeev showed the first image of a new Intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat”, which has been in the West the nickname “the Satan-2″.

In a statement on the website of the center says that the development of missile complex was developed in accordance with the state defense order and the state contract. “Advanced rocket complex of strategic purpose “Sarmat” is created to ensure and effective implementation of the tasks of strategic nuclear deterrence forces of Russia”, – explained the developers.

According to RIA “Novosti”, RS “Sarmat” to replace the R-36M “Governor” (NATO classification – “Satan”), this should happen in 2018.

Demonstration image of the rocket produced a stunning effect in the Western press. So, the British The Daily Mail called the new weapons “the last warning to Putin.” The newspaper notes that “the Satan-2″ 2,000 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, and capable at once to destroy England and Wales.

It is assumed that the RS-28 can reach speeds of seven kilometers per second and is able to bypass any missile defense system, transporting the warheads with a capacity of 40 megatons at a distance of 10 thousand kilometers. The publication notes that the missile, invisible to radar, and carries 16 warheads, capable of destroying an area the size of France or Texas. The range allows Moscow to attack London or other European cities and cities in the West and East coasts of the United States.

Russia could “easily annihilate NATO”

The New York Post calls the rocket “disguised devil”, which can easily reach new York. And The Daily Star publishes a map of the East coast, designating what targets can be struck and the death of many millions of people it will cause.

As reminds the edition, the steepness of Vladimir Putin based on the fact that he is sitting on the largest nuclear Arsenal in the world and the most powerful rocket SS-18, better known as “Satan”. Armed with Russia is 55 weapons, but only five of them can turn the East coast into a radioactive ashes. So, if “Satan” will hit the heart of new York city, die more than four million people.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant Secretary of the Treasury, made to the media frightening predictions about apocalyptic nuclear attack that threatens the United States from Russia. He warned that Putin’s “Satan” can destroy three quarters of the state of new York, turning it into the desert for thousands of years.

“Atomic bombs that Washington dropped on defenseless civilians when the Japanese government tried to surrender, is just childish threats compared to today’s nuclear weapons”, – the expert said, explaining that five or six missiles, “Satan” enough to the East coast of the United States just ceased to exist. According to Roberts, Russia could “easily annihilate NATO” and cause a complete collapse of the Western Alliance. According to The Daily Star, a third world war could provoke including the conflict between Russia and USA on Syria.

The missile can be fake, says expert

CNN soothes his audience, Recalling that NATO reinforces defenses in the countries located along the border with Russia, amid growing concerns over the strengthening of the military potential of Moscow. Currently, the defence Ministers of the Alliance discussed the situation in Brussels. As one of the reasons for concern is the recent decision on termination of the agreement with the US on plutonium disposition, which could have been used for thousands of nuclear bombs. The reason for this decision was declared a “hostile actions” of Washington towards Russia.

It is worth noting, by the power of the new missile was left impressed not all. For example, Igor Sutyagin, senior research fellow of the British Royal Institute for defense studies, told The Daily Telegraph that the Center. Makeyev rocket is fake. “The details of the structure is incorrect. I doubt a real rocket is already in the metal,” writes the BBC Russian service review of the British press.

According to Sutyagin, who served 11 years in Russia for espionage and caught in the UK as a result of the exchange of prisoners between Russia and the United States, the presentation of “the Satan-2″ – is the Kremlin’s message. “The Russians want to tell the world – we are a great power. We inspire fear. Don’t ignore us,” he explained.

Without the “Sarmatian” can do

Last year, Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov has promisedthat the army will get new missiles in 2018-2019. According to him, the new missile can carry up to 10 tons of “payload” anywhere in the world, “both through the North and through the South pole.”

“Throwing test” the “Sarmatian” was to begin in 2015, reminds “the”, but was moved to November – December of 2016 because of problems with the test-firing of the first stage engine. Sources in the military-industrial complex believe that flight tests will begin no earlier than the end of the first quarter of 2017. The mine launcher on the range Plesetsk been ready to launch.

It is worth noting that if the missiles “Voevoda” (“Satan”) was developed in the Soviet time, the Ukrainian Dnipropetrovsk and, in theory, remain on sales service at the Ukrainian enterprises, on the “Sarmatians” work exclusively to domestic producers. In addition to the SRC them. Makeeva involved gap engineering of Reutov and NGOs “Energomash”.

The newspaper reminds that in addition to the “Sarmatians” strategic nuclear forces of Russia in the foreseeable future will be mobile missile complexes “YARS” with Intercontinental ballistic missiles RS-24, the submarines of the Borey ballistic missile R-30 “Bulava”. Chief researcher, Institute of world economy and international relations, major-General Vladimir Dvorkin recalls that, according to some experts, Russia could do without the “Sarmatian”.

“Its main advantage – a large number of warheads. This will allow Russia to maintain parity with the United States enshrined the Prague Treaty 2010, which is sometimes erroneously referred to as start-3. According to him, the parties must limit the number of nuclear warheads to 1,550, and the media – to 700 units. According to the plan, “Sarmat” allowed to increase significantly the number of warheads. On the other hand, he did not help us to build up to the desired level, the number of carriers,” he explains.

According to The Daily Mail, and now Russia is preparing to move nuclear competition in a fundamentally new plane. Russian engineers are far ahead of colleagues in the search for new materials for the construction of supersonic aircraft. This, according to the newspaper, will allow Moscow to create a fleet of combat vehicles, capable of launching nuclear strikes from outer space.

Russian engineers showed the rocket “Sarmat”, causing a stir in the Western press 27.10.2016

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