The Russian edition of Forbes magazine, examined the scheme of possession of assets of the Bank “Russia”, revealed that owns it, Putin’s friend Yuri Kovalchuk and partners, without attracting too much attention, has built a financial Empire more extensive than was considered earlier.

AB “Russia” is just the tip of a giant financial conglomerate with assets of 6.5 trillion rubles, which feed mainly corporate and pension resources, writes Forbes columnist Elena Zubova.

In particular, it was found out that Yury Kovalchuk, Alexey Mordashov and other shareholders of Bank “Russia” is directly controlled pension Fund of Gazprom, whose assets amount to 389 billion. Among the investments of this Fund – the largest stake of the third largest Bank, Gazprombank with assets of more than 5 trillion rubles, as well as a number of large non-financial holdings and businesses in the media industry, mechanical engineering and oil production.

The founders of “Gazfond” – “Gazprom”, its three subsidiaries and Gazprombank. However, according to the Charter of “Gazfond” contribution in the contribution allows each settlor to appoint for three years one representative in the Council, writes the edition. The size of the Council should not exceed 15 people.

Information about the appearance of new investors was disclosed in the financial statements of the Fund for the year 2015 under pressure from the Central Bank, which aims to make the pension market more transparent.

Former Manager of “Gazprombank” was told that most of the members of the Board shall represent the company Yuri Kovalchuk and his partners.

Related with “Gazprom” in the list of all three – Mikhail Noskov, Sergei Ivanov and Evgeny Logovinsky. This edition draws attention to the fact that Socks and logovinskiy previously held high positions in the structures of Kovalchuk.

Yury Kovalchuk and the Bank, which he controls, are under Western sanctions in 2014. According to data from the U.S. Treasury, “Russia,” “occupies a unique position among the banks”, since “not only is controlled by caught in the sanctions list person” (Kovalchuk), but also “operates as a shadow Bank of the Russian leaders.” “Bank Rossiya is the personal Bank for Putin, “is closely related to the narrow circle of the closest advisers of the President,” believe in Washington.

Because of the sanctions, the Bank was forced to bid on work only within Russia and only with rubles, and to expand active operations in Crimea

Russian Forbes: shareholders of the Bank “Russia” and their partners control the pension Fund of “Gazprom” 20.10.2016

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