Russian homeopaths sued the magazine “Around the world” for the exposé that the effect of homeopathic medicines comparable a placebo. This was reported in Facebook the former zamglavnogo editor Yegor Bykovsky, who proposed and then editor of the article popularizer of science Anastasia Kuznetsova “Dissolved magic.”

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the organization “national Council for homeopathy”. On the website it is reportedthat the homeopaths are going to require refutation in the same volume – that is, on seven leaves. The politician Leonid Volkov in his Twitter also offered compensation in the amount of “0,000000001 of the ruble.”

Kazantsev in his article writes that the effect of homeopathic remedies “is not confirmed by any serious study,” although sometimes these drugs can work “on the principle of “do no harm” or as a placebo. Postulated the doctrine of homeopathy, the concentration of active ingredients is so low that the drugs may not be a single molecule. “The cost of sugar and microcrystalline celullose is not even one percent of the cost of drugs. The cost of production – hardly much more. The margin must be bitterly jealous of drug dealers and weapons”, – believes the author of the article “Around the world”.

Bykovsky claims that specific information from the article Kuznetsova homeopaths do not intend to refute: “you Just need to place an article retraction on seven pages (the arguments from the category “homeopathy is good because a lot of them, and in Switzerland the insurance company cover the cost and some homeopathic remedies as well).

According to him, the first meeting will be held on October 24.

Russian homeopaths sued the magazine “Around the world” for exposé 23.10.2016

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