Russian interpreters Michaela Tower and Alexander Maltsev took part in the final technical program mixed duet at the world Championships in aquatics, which takes place in Budapest.

They scored 90,2639 points, yielding the title the Italians Manila Flamini and Giorgio Minisini (90,2979), third place went to the Americans Kanako Spendlow and bill may (87,6682).

After the competition commentator Dmitry Guberniev first criticized the decision of the judges, who put Russian interpreters in second place.

“We all saw ourselves as two years ago. The Italians were definitely good. We were better, we were more accurate. It – technical program. And this again is absolutely biased decision of the judiciary, no matter what anyone said. The Italians are great, no doubt about that whatsoever. The image of the beautiful, but it’s technical program. Items we have made cleaner,” said the Guberniev in the air “Match TV”.

“The gap to two tenths is nothing, one mistake or one judge, we will speak directly. The sport here is subjective. But we will work and fight for the first place in any program”, – said the Agency “All sports” the head coach of the Russian Duo of Gana Maximova.

Later it turned out that the competition of mixed duets in the technical program judged by the father who became world champion Giorgio Minisini. From the Protocol should be FINA, Roberto Minisini was among five referees who evaluated the program elements. Thus to his son he gave a relatively low rating. Although the evaluation of the items the Italians beat Russians, says “Sport-Express”.

“I, of course, for gold were gearing up to fight. If you compare the two Championships, in Kazan, the silver was more valuable to me. It is surprising that in this tournament judges sits the father of the Italian athlete. At the preliminary stage, I think his assessment was biased”, – said the Agency “All sport” Duo Alexander Maltsev.

Russian interpreters complained about the bias of the judges of the world championship 17.07.2017

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