Donald trump, who won the elections of the President of the United States, will improve America’s relationship with Russia and Israel, according to the leaders of the Jewish communities of Russia.

“I believe that President trump would continue the line begun by trump as a presidential candidate, to improve relations with Russia. I also hope that the new American leader will be able to get away from those chimerical constructions and dreams, involved in U.S. policy against Israel in the last 20 years,” said President of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia Alexander Boroda.

Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar noted that the victory trump allows Jews around the world hope that the Jewish people and the Jewish state appeared sincere friend, reports “Interfax-Religion”. “I hope that, as President, Donald trump will make a determined effort to maintain the legitimate rights of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel,” he said.

Hopes for improved relations with Israel is also related to the fact that during his election campaign, trump blamed the current leadership of the U.S. in disregard of the interests of the Jewish state. However, he promised that he would not force the Israelis to the mandatory conclusion of a peace Treaty with the Palestinians.

In addition, trump 24 hours after the announcement of the election results first spoke on the phone with nine leaders, among whom was Israel.

Trump also told his constituents that his daughter Ivanka married a Jew Jared Kushner, converted to Judaism and raise children in the Jewish tradition. Yes, and the trump in October of this year, personally wrote a letter to God that one of his advisors has invested in a crevice of the wailing Wall in Jerusalem. In that note trump asked the Almighty to bless US and to “extend its hand” in order to protect and strengthen the “great American nation”.

However, with the same success, and the head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko can rely on the improvement of relations with the United States at the trump, hoping to Belarusian roots his son-in-law, because the ancestors of Jared Kushner, a Holocaust survivor, moved to the United States from the city of Novogrudok of the Grodno region.

Russian Jews are sure that trump, being US President will improve relations with Russia and Israel 11.11.2016

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