The least attractive men in the world live in the UK, Russia and Poland. Such data are cited by the newspaper Metro , citing statistics popular Dating site

To join the community, the applicant needs to post a photo and get approval of a majority of participants of the opposite sex, said the Executive Director of the resource Greg Hodge.

According to him, currently to get into the base was only 9% of representatives from the above countries. With 60% taken in the community are male from Sweden, 40% – from Denmark, 41% – from Brazil.

As for women, the least attractive users of the site believe residents of the UK, New Zealand and Australia. The most beautiful ladies from Norway (70%), Sweden (62 %) and Iceland (61%).

Administration also reported the discovery in Los Angeles of the restaurant “Just for pretty”. Face control at the entrance to the school will implement a whole jury – “police beauty” by the coaches of the stars, models and actors.

Note that in June of this year, were named owners of the most beautiful bodies. According to a survey conducted by travel service Expedia, and 24% of the respondents considered the most beautiful beach lovers Europeans. 17% of respondents gave the palm to the representatives of the Caribbean countries, 14% – Americans.

In some countries, attractive appearance allows you to get various bonuses. For example, it was reported that China one restaurant has introduced discounts for pretty girls with beautiful feet. At the same time, beauty can sometimes be a cause of problems. In 2013, the Saudi authorities sent from the country of three men from the UAE, which the Saudi morality police have deemed “too beautiful”.

Russian men entered into a three of the most ugly in the world 10.10.2016

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