The citizen of the Russian Federation Olga Pimanova, detained in the US for removal of the child without her husband’s permission-American flew to Russia after the day before the American court of Illinois has lifted restrictions on its departure from the United States, according to the Russian Embassy in Washington.

“The citizen of Russia Pimenova O. flew from new York to his Homeland. Yesterday court of the state of Illinois has lifted restrictions on its departure from the United States, and then sought Russian side. Congratulations!”, –
according to a statement on the official website of the Embassy in Facebook.

In turn, the defender of Russians Evgeny Meltzer said “Interfax”that the court of Illinois overturned the decision on child custody Pimanova, for which she had no right to leave the United States, and apologized to her.

Meltzer explained that the first court ruling was unlawful, as
according to the law of Illinois is to decide custody only
respect of a child who is under the jurisdiction of this court. Between
however, according to him, the daughter of Rimanovoi – the citizen of the Russian Federation, which in
the birth certificate as the father is blank, and that the
time was in Russia, may not be under the jurisdiction of the court
the state of Illinois.

The lawyer added that the court agreed with the defense arguments and such
way, with Rimanovoi limitation was removed to leave the United States.

At the same time, said Meltzer, the trial custody
a child not yet complete, was reversed as erroneous specific
the judge’s decision, however, the question of parental rights has not yet fully

30-year-old Russian woman Olga Pimanova was detained at the airport in June, when she flew to the United States to take exams at the University. She was placed under house arrest, she was later released, taking a Russian passport and installing a special bracelet with GPS to track her movements.

The guilt she was charged that she was taken from US its
minor daughter, who is a citizen of Russia, and information
about her father no. The former husband of a Russian, an American, with whom she lived
briefly married in the U.S. demanded custody
girl and said that her mother was abducted and illegally taken to

6 Jun lawyers Pimanova, which was under
house arrest in the United States, managed to get her released, but from the USA
the woman could not go.

Russian Pimanova, arrested for export from the United States of a child from her husband, an American, released home 01.12.2016

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