Russian politicians spoke warmly of Fidel Castro, commenting on the demise of the legendary Cuban leader. While fled to the United States Cubans celebrating Castro’s death as a symbol of change, in Russia he is described as a prominent independent politician, an adherent of the “true freedom” and even “genius.”

One of the most lengthy and the rave reviews about Castro gave the head of the Russian Communist party Gennady Zyuganov. “Today in this world lacks justice, peace and friendship. Lost one of the greatest of politicians, a brilliant statesman,
exceptionally brave and courageous man, a man who dedicated
entire life to serving humanity’s highest ideals,” – said Russian politician “Interfax”. He also expressed confidence that “the Cubans have managed to overcome the crisis during the half-century blockade, they
managed to plug all the media of the planet.” “Castro – the man who proved that the spirit, true freedom, independence and justice are worth to fight for them, and
to win,” said the Russian Communist.

The only President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbacev in a radio interview “Life.The sound” said that Fidel regretted the failure of the Russian perestroika. “This is an outstanding personality, unique, one of… I met with him at conventions, and then I was in Cuba, and they discussed common interests and the conversations were… We became good friends and remained friends until the end. He was worried that with the restructuring that happened. So what? I am even more worried”.

In a similar manner described the merits of Castro and other politicians and diplomats from Russia. Thus, authorized the Russian foreign Ministry human rights, democracy and the rule of law Konstantin Dolgov has called “an outstanding politician and a true patriot of his country,” reports RIA “Novosti”. The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev said that it is a loss for the Cuban people, and for all mankind. “No matter how to treat this individual, the magnitude was without exaggeration the world and really changed the course of world history. This can be said far is not about politics, stretching into eternity” – he stressed.

Kosachev noted that Cuba, under the leadership of Fidel stood under “severe” pressure, defending its sovereignty and its right to its own development in accordance with their own, not introduced national interests.

Deputy Prime Minister, co-chair the Russian-Cuban intergovernmental Commission Dmitry Rogozin expressed his condolences to his Cuban friends in connection with the death of “the leader of the Cuban revolution comrade Fidel Castro.”

Founder and leader of the first socialist state in the Western hemisphere – Cuba – Fidel Castro died on November 25 at the age of 90 years. As expected, on Saturday his body will be cremated. The time of farewell has not yet named.

Russian politicians comment on the death of the “patriot” and “genius” Castro 26.11.2016

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