The President of Russia Vladimir Putin Thursday, December 1, at 12:00 delivered his annual address to the Federal Assembly. This is the first such appeal to the President to the state Duma of the seventh convocation. A live webcast of the presentations is on the website

The current presidential address to the Federal Assembly became the 23rd in the modern history of Russia and the 13th, which announces Putin, informs “the Russian newspaper”. The ceremony of lights 616 journalists, which is 100 more than last year.

In the beginning of the call Putin noted that the focus this time will be paid to social issues, the economy and domestic policy. The President noted that citizens United “around Patriotic values.” “Not everyone is happy, have enough problems. But I have confidence that we will overcome them. People expect that they will be provided broad and equal opportunities”, – said Putin.

The President turned to the subject of elections to the state Duma, held in September 2016. “The initiative to return to a mixed system of elections of deputies supported in the Epistle of 2015. To enhance the competitiveness of the elections is justified, we will to continue it. The authority of the legislature has strengthened, it is necessary to maintain his business. A special responsibility on the party “United Russia”, which today celebrates its 15th anniversary. We need to work together, to all the promises were fulfilled,” – said the President.

According to Putin, the results of the election campaign was decided by the people. “We are not talking about ostentatious unification, it is in our history has been,” – said the head of state.

Putin also touched upon the open expression positions, in particular, when there are discussions in the field of culture. “If someone believes themselves more advanced, more intelligent – respectful to other people. I consider it unacceptable counter-aggressive reaction. Tomorrow at the meeting of the Council for culture will discuss the issues that caused debate in society. In culture, politics, media, the debate on the economy, no one can deny openly Express their position,” – said the President.

MPs and senators arrived early to the Grand Kremlin Palace to hear the President’s address in St. George’s hall. In the course of the expectations of the head of state parliamentarians have posted in their social network pictures from the event.

With colleagues awaiting the start of the address of President V. V. Putin to the Federal Assembly. This is the first message for the VII convocation #GD

Russian President Vladimir Putin for the 13th time delivers the Message to the Federal Assembly 01.12.2016

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