On YouTube appeared for the entry test domestic combat robots. On these frames is depicted as two cyborg detect and destroy a target.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees the military-industrial complex of the country, has posted this video on his page on Twitter, accompanied by the caption: “Russian robots learn to handle the bad guys”.

“VPK experiencing combat robots-scouts and liquidators”, he added in Facebook, without specifying where and when the martial art was showing these “good iron men”.

Meanwhile, judging by the comments of the relevant Deputy Prime Minister, many web users these frames do not too impressed, but others completely full of skepticism.

“What a shame for the country the footage, wrote one commenter. – Do you think that turtle you create will work on real modern field of battle, and the opponent will be five minutes to wait for it to destroy?”.

“I wonder how the operator before the battle will be to convince the enemy to stand tall and not to return fire, writes another visitor pages of Deputy Prime Minister. – What nonsense”.

Rogozin retorted: “the production models will be much less noisy and agile, with the possibility of a prolonged stay in ambushes. Yes the arms will be strengthened”.

@Rogozin ahahhah) but this iron guy the leader?))) pic.twitter.com/E2F7kLFwgt

— Mikola, arsenic (@arsenuch) September 10, 2015

Last summer in the United instrument Corporation (OPK) announced the start of the tests, “brain”, designed for future combat robots. We are talking about software that will teach robotics to think and make decisions independently. Also the “brain” can control groups consisting of different robots: terrestrial, airborne and underwater, reported in the defence industry.

I should add that on creating fighting robots are very active in the USA and Japan and even plan to arrange a duel between your creations. Along the way, in these and other countries, including in Russia, building on the creation neurocomputer exoskeleton for “soldier of the future”.

“Russian robots learn to handle the bad guys”: VIDEO test domestic combat cyborgs stirred up the Network 11.09.2015

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