Russian spiritual and cultural center, which opened in Paris on 19 October, along with purchased his plot of land was worth about 168 million euros, the newspaper “Kommersant”publishes cost estimates.

According to the newspaper, for the design and construction of the complex spent 93 million euros – twice as much as anticipated at the start of the project in 2014.

According to the Unified information system of procurement, the construction of the center was conducted in the framework of three contracts on behalf of the Russian Federation since 2011, with Bouygues Batiment Ile De France, a member of the Bouygues group. Its main owners are the friend of the ex-President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, head of the company Martin Bouygues and his brother Olivier Bouygues. The company was going to invest 43 million euros, not counting the 75 spent on buying the plot.

The first contract for the construction of the center was signed by Martin Boigon and former head of the office of the President (DFC) Vladimir Kozhin in November 2011. Initially, the price of 43.6 million euros, after the change of the architectural project was to clarify the involved parties experts. In December 2013 and January 2014, the AAP signed two contracts with the contractor for 900 thousand euros for the demolition of buildings and 780 thousand euros for the clean-up site of materials containing asbestos and lead.

In the registry of state contracts, these documents were placed only in December 2014, and to schedule procurement of UDP for 2014 expenditures were only in early December, citing “unforeseen circumstances”.

Appreciation began because the selected at the international competition for the architectural design Manuel Nunez-Yanovsky was rejected by the Paris city hall and criticized by the French press as “salad à La Russe”. The Russian authorities, paying the architect 600 thousand euros of compensation, attracted to the design of the French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, after which the contract 2011 repeatedly concluded an agreement. In the end, the government has allocated 3,762 billion, going to pay for this contract in 2014 1,254 billion rubles, in 2015 – of 1.83 billion rubles, in 2016 – 678 million rubles.

The value of the objects adjusted the fall of the ruble, the newspaper said. Initially, information about the new contract was officially published in rubles, payments to the contractor were to be conducted at the current exchange rate of the ruble to the Euro.

Recall that the opening ceremony of the center in Paris was headed by the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, although initially it was assumed that to open it will be the presidents of Russia and France Vladimir Putin and Francois Hollande. The French President on the background of aggravation of relations with Russia over Syria has refused from participation in the events which ultimately led to the cancellation of Putin’s visit.

The building of the Russian Orthodox spiritual-cultural center appeared in the seventh arrondissement of Paris. On an area of more than four thousand square meters housed the Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, a Russian-French elementary school for 150 pupils, the exhibition centre and the diocesan administration building with a concert hall and housing for the priests and staff of the cultural section of the Embassy.

Russian spiritual and cultural center in Paris cost of the administration of President 168 million euros 21.10.2016

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