Residents of Yekaterinburg, returning from Egypt after the crash of the Russian airliner A321 on the Sinai Peninsula for two weeks could not get my Luggage. The local airport “Koltsovo” continues to accept incoming trunks, which significantly delays the expectation of the people. After the Russian authorities decided in an emergency order to evacuate tourists from Egypt, the Russians returned home with only carry-on baggage, and the baggage is delivered separately. However, for the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg, this scheme has become a real problem.

“My family and I returned from Hurghada on November 9, at 6 in the morning. The airline Red Wings. Upon arrival I filled out a form from the officer of the Ministry, we were given a copy and told to wait for notification about arrival of Luggage. Last week I called the baggage services at Koltsovo, said that it has been almost two weeks, and received the answer: wait, you will be notified, so the Luggage had not arrived. I wonder how long have to wait?”, – told the portal “Yekaterinburg Online” townswoman named Juliana.

In “Koltsovo” the woman assured that the work on the distribution of Luggage is still ongoing, and passengers should not worry that their stuff is lost. They can only have patience, say the journalists. “The Luggage is still in Moscow and has arrived at Koltsovo”, the letter said the press service of the airport of Ekaterinburg received by the editors

“This is a normal situation. Luggage comes to us, and we upon arrival notify passengers. A situation is regarded as force majeure, so the exact timing can not say. No any guarantee that the passengers can not give: neither a state nor us. Maybe a suitcase will have to wait a month or longer. Even whole flights from Moscow Luggage will arrive. In Moscow a Luggage hangar,” explained to media representatives at the airport.

In “Koltsovo” noted that most of the Urals still got my stuff, still on the way, and someone not lucky. There are suitcases with transportation no longer has a tag. Their owners will deliver in the last turn.

In the middle of November at the airport set up a special working group to simplify the baggage claim. Employees called owners of suitcases, then they should come in “Koltsovo” to pick up your things. “For receiving the baggage you should have a passport, baggage tag, if it exists, the act of absence of Luggage. If the passenger does not live in Yekaterinburg and are not able to come, the suitcase he will deliver “Mail of Russia”. Each suitcase will be assigned a tracking number”, – told at the airport.

From Karelian Luggage of tourists vacationing in Egypt, lost valuables

Meanwhile in Karelia inflames the scandal connected with the problem of delivering suitcases to their rightful owners. Delivered in the Luggage of tourists from Karelia, who recently vacationed in Egypt, were missing Souvenirs, Swiss army knife and tennis racket, reports “Capital on Onega”. About it journalists were told by one of the acquaintances of the victims.

In the “Mail of Russia”, which took delivery of the suitcase, already denied involvement in the disappearance of valuable things. According to the representative of press-service of the enterprise, the baggage coming to Petrozavodsk from other airports, “Mail of Russia” were transferred in sealed bags that are opened when issuing only after verification of the actual weight and the weight specified on the bag. “Mail of Russia” in a consistent manner receives daily from airports information about the passengers, who wished to deliver their Luggage at the postal address.

“Each deliver “Mail of Russia” the Luggage is assigned a tracking number, which passengers can check on the number baggage tag for your suitcase. Luggage delivery is by courier Express service of “mail of Russia” according to preliminary call. When giving the recipient time is also logged and transferred the weight of Luggage”, – noted in the Karelian branch of the company.

As of 24 November, the Express delivery was given 61 units of Luggage to tourists who apply its delivery through “Mail of Russia”. It is expected that another 11 pieces of Luggage. Data on receipts are updated daily.

On 6 November the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has imposed a temporary ban on flights of Russian airlines in the Egypt. This decision was taken on the recommendation of the FSB in connection with the catastrophe of the A321 in the Sinai Peninsula, which killed 224 people. The Russians decided to take out, allowing a 10 kg hand baggage. Luggage is transported separately. Media speculated that if the crashed flight “Kogalymavia” from Sharm El-Sheikh was bombed, a bomb could be hidden in Luggage.

On 8 November, the President signed the corresponding decree on the prohibition of the Russian airline for flights to Egypt and out of it. Putin also instructed the government to take action to return from Egypt of citizens of the Russian Federation and their Luggage. The President instructed the foreign Ministry to coordinate with the Egyptian authorities the security of the citizens of the Russian Federation and their return to their homeland.

Russian tourists returning from Egypt after the disaster A321, still can not get my Luggage 26.11.2015

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