A citizen of Russia Svetlana Zakharova, which the U.S. accused in the attempted extortion of 400 thousand dollars from the former Governor of new York Eliot Spitzer has signed an agreement with prosecutors and was released from prison. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

According to the publication, she has pleaded guilty to committing theft. Under the deal, the 27-year-old Zakharova was sentenced to 90 days in prison. She was released because she was arrested in October 2016 and detained in a new York prison on Rikers island for more than 90 days.

“We have held consultations with the victims, and they both advocated the conclusion of an agreement,” he told the WSJ, district attorney of Bronx Darcel Clark. Under the victims have in mind Eliot Spitzer and another man, whose name was not reported.

In the winter of last year Svetlana Zakharova, also known under the name of Travis, accused Spitzer of committing violence on her and trying to strangle her in a hotel room in new York. According to investigators, in February 2016, she called the ex-Governor from California, where then lived, and said that he was going to fly to Russia via new York. They agreed to meet at the Plaza.

According to the lawyer Spitzer Adam Kaufman at the hotel between Zakharova and Spitzer had a conversation a few hours later a woman called and asked to return the policy. According to the defender, she threatened to inflict self-injury. She called 911 from the room, rented in the name of Spitzer, and said he cut himself and feels bad. She later tried to cancel the call, but it was too late.

The police sent she to hospital with cuts on his hand, inflicted, probably from broken glass. She has told me that she had for two years was in a relationship with 56-year-old Spitzer and he pushed her during an argument and attempted to strangle him. The next day the victim returned to Russia.

October 10, Zakharov returned to the United States, she was arrested at the airport in new York. Originally the native of Chelyabinsk, in addition to extortion, was charged with theft in especially large size (from 50 thousand dollars and above), forgery, possession of false documents and other offenses, reports TASS. In particular, she was accused of fraudulent actions in the 67-year-old resident of the state of new Jersey. According to the files of the trials of the state of new York, it was subsequently withdrawn almost all the charges except the charges of stealing.

In 2008, Spitzer amid high-profile political scandal was forced to resign as Governor of the state. Law enforcement caught him that he enjoyed the services of prostitutes and committed other violations.

Russian woman accused of blackmailing the former Governor of the state of new York, was released after plea deal 03.10.2017

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