Russia’s Svetlana Zakharova, who in February this year accused the former Governor of new York Eliot Spitzer in the attack on her in the room of the Plaza Hotel, was arrested on arrival in new York from Russia on charges of extortion.

As recalled by NBC, he categorically rejected the charges against him, and the lawyer Spitzer said that the story of the attack made-up person “with emotional difficulties.” According to the edition, Zakharov was arrested immediately after the plane landed for extortion of 50 thousand dollars. In addition, she is suspected of forgery and fraud with the rent. It is the district attorney of Bronx. Manhattan Prosecutor Cyrus Vance recused himself because of past personal and professional ties with Spitzer.

As previously reported, Svetlana Zakharova, also known as Svetlana Travis,was familiar with Eliot Spitzer. In February she called him from California, where I lived, and said that he was going to fly to Russia via new York. They agreed to meet at the hotel.

The lawyer of the former Governor claims that Zakharova and Spitzer held a “brief and friendly” conversation, and a few hours later a woman called and asked to return the policy. According to this version, she was excited and threatened to inflict self-injury. She called 911 from the room, rented in the name of Spitzer, and said he cut himself and feels bad. Later she called back and tried to cancel the call, but the police had already gone to the scene.

“She was distraught, and Mr. Spitzer tried to calm her down,” says attorney Adam Kaufman.

The police arrived in the room noticed the broken glass and sent the 25-year-old Zakharova to the hospital with cuts on her arm. She told the doctors that she for two years was in a relationship with 56-year-old Spitzer, and he pushed her during an argument and tried to strangle him. The next evening the victim returned to Russia.

According to media reports, Svetlana Zakharova was making similar accusations against another man in 2013, when the case was dismissed, as explained by her lawyer – because of the ethical problems with the prosecution.

Eliot Spitzer voluntarily resigned two years after his election in 2008, amid the loud political scandal. He was accused of numerous relationships with prostitutes and patronage pimps.

Russian woman, accused of violence by ex-Governor of the state of new York, is detained at the airport 11.10.2016

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