In the study of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation, commissioned by the social block of the Cabinet, said that over the past five years significantly increased the proportion of Russian adults who attend paid clinics and hospitals. In 2016, the share of consumers of paid medical services has increased from 34% to 40%, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

The study revealed that 66% of the inhabitants of large and average Russian cities are satisfied with quality of medical services. The level of satisfaction with medical services is directly linked to the frequency of visits to medical institutions.

Thus, among those who visit the hospital several times a month, the percentage satisfied is 55%, and among those who go to the doctors a few times a year or less, at 69%.

The lowest ratings quality of care to give older people and people with the lowest incomes. The highest scores received medical services under the policy of voluntary medical insurance (DMS) at the expense of employers (79%) and at their own expense (73%).

At the same time, the newspaper notes, paid medicine has earned the lowest rating compared to the public health. Professor of the Financial University Alex Barb believes that such a view stems not so much from the low quality of services as poor consumer assessment of the ratio of their price and quality.

Meanwhile, almost half of citizens (48.6 percent) have “frequently” in principle to pay for medical care. During an online poll conducted by the League of defenders of patients, they found that even 26,2% paid medical services sometimes, another 10.5% – rarely, always to 10.2 percent.

During the crisis, the Russians in General are much more likely to pay for treatment “by cash”. According to some analysts, the share of the shadow market of medical services can grow to 7.5% of the size of the industry, what will be the biggest growth over the past five years.

Recently, we recall, the experts of the Scientific research financial Institute (nifi) under the Ministry of Finance, suggested to leave health services, which are now included in the program of compulsory medical insurance, is only free for children, pensioners and the disabled, and for the working population – to introduce standards for doctor visits, ambulance calls, in excess of which for the work of physicians already have to pay.

The medical community has warnedthat the decline in free care Russians in 2016 will lead to increased mortality and threatens mass protests of the population.

“Free medical services – the basis of social stability in the state, – considers, for example, the Chairman of the Board of the Association of medical societies for quality of medical care and medical education (ASMAK) Guzel Ulumbekova at the fifth Social forum of Russia. – Change the conditions of their granting may lead to the same consequences in the form of rallies, and the adoption some years ago of the law “About bases of health protection of citizens”.

Introduction to population “co-payments” for medical services, in its opinion, will lead to a reduction in the number of citizens ‘ appeals to the physicians and, consequently, to an increase in mortality.

Russians are increasingly turning to private medicine 05.11.2016

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