In the next issue of “monitoring of the economic situation in Russia”, published by the Gaidar Institute, the Academy and the Etta, it is noted that slightly more Russians positively assess the current economic situation in the country. The improvement in September noticed a 7.4% vs. 3.6% in September 2015. However, a 45.7% sure that it has not changed.

In addition, increased the share of those who considers it possible quick exit from the current state (13.7 per cent) while reducing since February the number of those waiting for the continuation of the crisis in the next year or two (to 27.1% from 37.2% at the beginning of the year).

Negative expectations are still strong in terms of employment. So, by five points, to 31%, increased the number of those who feel the risk of job loss. While 40% of Russians said that last year the situation of their businesses had deteriorated, and 22% fear it will get worse in the future.

Remains on a low level of consumer confidence. Reducing consumption continues to remain passive, but the most common form of adaptation practiced in the lower and middle strata of the population, the report said.

Overall, however, the Russians perceive changes rather calm, assured analysts. Thus in addition to saving on costs, an adaptation strategy is becoming more common to work in his household, but adaptive behavior in the employment of the citizens spread a little.

In early November, we will remind, it became known that the vast majority of Russians do not notice the revenue growth, which is the second consecutive month, according to Rosstat.

Russians waiting for the end of the crisis, became a little more 08.11.2016

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