Russia’s Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko responded to the charges of the London to Moscow on Syria. He published an open letter, addressed to the British Parliament, in which he called “baseless” accusations of alleged intentional infliction of Russia’s attacks on civilians in Syria.

“10 days ago the Russian Embassy officially asked the foreign Office information about the evidence supporting the allegations Boris Johnson. (…) The essence of the answer is that such evidence the British side does not have,” wrote Yakovenko.

He also noted that in the case of non-British side of the above evidence, “we consider the allegations as a blatant lie, designed to ensure the protection of “an-Nusra” (“dzhebhat an-Nusra” terrorist group banned in Russia and, perhaps, that British troops are in Syria”.

The diplomat also noted that the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson, speaking with accusations against Russia, “he referred to information in social networks”. “It may not be surprising, because serious accusations must be backed by serious evidence,” concluded the Russian Ambassador, adding that the diplomatic mission however requested links to these reports.

Yakovenko added that in their speeches, the MPs “rightly focused on the humanitarian situation, particularly in Eastern Aleppo, but the brackets were terrorist atrocities against the population in Western Aleppo, Damascus and other Syrian cities.” “Unfortunately, – he noted, – is it all hushed up in the British media. Moreover, served in a distorted form”.

“The British side is constantly accusing us of blows “not objects”. Although we do not think so. Moreover, a year ago I personally met with the then foreign Minister F. Hammond and officially offered cooperation in establishing contacts with the “Free Syrian army”, and also in terms of coordination between our military in selecting targets that take into account possible concerns of the British side at the time. On the Russian side has received resolute refusal. Later, I repeatedly raised this issue at different official levels – the answer was always negative. I will add that our military also sought information about the actions of the British special forces in Syria, in order to prevent possible victims among them as a result of actions of the Russian HQs. To this we responded with silence,” – says Yakovenko.

Recall, the West accuses Russia of bombing the civilian population in Aleppo and suggests that Moscow is involved in the attack a humanitarian convoy of the United Nations in Syria. Boris Johnson recently also called Russia guilty in the attack on the humanitarian convoy of the United Nations. He noted the need to investigate war crimes in Syria to international court and urged the British to organise protests at the Russian Embassy in London.

The defense Ministry rejected the accusations Johnson and called them “Russophobic hysteria”. West threatens Russia with new sanctions if the situation in Syria and particularly in Aleppo continues to deteriorate. In Moscow explained that the military action will continue as long as the city remains the terrorists.

Recall that Yakovenko was appointed extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia in great Britain in 2011, when as wrote “Kommersant”, the relations of Moscow and London was practically frozen. A year ago – in October 2015 – Yakovenko said in an interview with the Times newspaper that political relations between London and Moscow unravelled on the initiative of the British side. “It started with the conflict in Syria, but it is especially felt after the Ukrainian crisis”, – explained the diplomat.

He said that he turned to British experts to provide intelligence for bombardment of products banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state”, but was refused. The same, according to Yakovenko, happened to his request for assistance in establishing contacts with representatives of the moderate Syrian opposition. In addition, Yakovenko said that Britain has allowed the jihadists of the Islamic state to consolidate its position in Syria to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.

Russia’s Ambassador in London has called for the prosecution of Boris Johnson to address Moscow’s “blatant lies” 17.10.2016

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