In St. Petersburg’s Kupchino district clown with a plunger in hand attacked moving on the road car. This is the first manifestation in Russia there is a creepy trend that swept many countries.

Judging by the video, at the disposal of journalists of radio “Baltika”, the unknown in the mask clown with blue hair suddenly appeared on the roadway, blocking the car started to knock the plunger on the hood. To get rid of not very funny traffic participant was only after the driver ran from the car, knocked him down and dragged him to the curb.

It should be noted, a man in a clown suit tried to resist or to jump in and repeat the attack on the car. Much of the discussion between the assailants and the driver of the vehicle, recorded by the video recorder, when publishing was “zapisana”.

Fashion to scare people by dressing up in clown costumes, bred in the United States in August after
message from Greenville in South Carolina, where a man disguised as
a clown with a red curly wig, tried to lure children into the woods. Since then, reports of scary clowns came from 20 States, including new York and Ohio.

Then the fashion spread to Britain, where a student dressed up
a clown with a chainsaw to scare the friends University campus.
Incidents of recorded clowns in Norwich, Durham, Kidlington,
Gloucestershire. Clowns chased the children and women, good sense of humor from Kidlington
armed with a baseball bat, the Joker from Durham machete,
Gloucestershire six clowns appeared with knives. There were reports of
attacks people in clown masks robbing schools and other
public buildings.

American organization Clowns of America International, having
the slogan “ambassadors of joy,” refused to be interviewed about this,
remembering the jokes from the media. “We tried to explain but nothing
turned and we looked silly”, – quotes BBC News Magazine a review of its representative in the material on konomanyi.

It did not help exhortations by American writer Stephen king,
created in the novel “It” the image of the demonic Pennywise, under the mask
which lies an eternal Evil. “Hey, guys, it’s time to stop
the hysteria about clowns. Most of them are still good, delight
children make people laugh”, – he wrote on 3 October in his Twitter. On this he immediately said: “no One contributed to the hysteria more than “It”.

In October of an odd fashion spread in Australia and New Zealand after numerous reports of encounters with creepy clowns Australian police have issued warnings to those who are going to violate the law, hiding behind clown masks. Reports of attacks came from Sweden and Germany.

It should be noted, coulrophobia or fear of clowns, became widespread in the late twentieth century. Some experts believe that the phenomenon marked the beginning of the movie “It”, filmed in 1990 in the book by Stephen king. The painting introduced a kind of fashion for clowns-villains in film. Maniacs with frightening clown makeup also broke into the comics. One of the most famous evil clown was the Joker, whose image is embodied in the movie, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and Jared Leto.

Russia’s first attack of the mysterious clown with a plunger fixed in St. Petersburg VIDEO 20.10.2016

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